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7th Gen FAQ

Updated 08/02/08

*Any info you guys would like us to add, please PM one of the mods or reply to this thread. We're still looking for info on: fluid capacities, problem areas (rattles, etc), torque specs.

This FAQ is not meant to answer most of your detailed questions in a nutshell. It is meant to give you a place to start looking for an answer. You still have to do your own reading and draw your own conclusions.

Of course, this FAQ is not meant to be used as a Bible or as a replacement for common sense. It is only meant to be used as a guide. Do not go out and pour 5.3 quarts of oil into your car and assume the oil is at the correct level. If you bring the part number for the brake pads into your Honda dealer and they tell you that you have the wrong part number, I would generally advise you to believe them.

Good luck and happy motoring

Table of Contents
Post 1 - This Post
Table of Contents only

Post 2 - General Information
1) Trim Levels
2) Engine/Codes
3) Transmissions
4) Fuel Information
5) Tire Information
6) Paint Codes
7) Acronyms

Post 3 - Model History
1) Detailed Trim Level and Features info
2) Drivetrain info

Post 4 - Maintenance Items (Part #'s)
1) Air Cleaner/Replacement Instructions
2) AT Filter
3) Battery
4) Brake Pads/Shoes
5) Cabin Air Filter/Replacement Instructions
6) Fluid Capacities
7) Light Bulbs
8) Oil Filter
9) Spark Plugs
10) Wipers

Post 5 - Problem Areas
1) Automatic Transmission Failure
2) Radio Problems
3) Radio/Head Unit Removal
4) A-Pillar/window rattles
5) Brake vibrations
6) Premature upholstery wear
7) Taillight-Quarter Panel peeling/damaged paint
8) Grinding/Groaning noise after cold start
9) Maintenance Required Light
10) Oil Consumption
11) First oil change
12) Fuel Consumption/Fuel Economy
13) Engine vibrations
14) Trunk Leak
15) Glass Replacement
16) Driver's Side Window Rattle
17) 6MT 3rd Gear Pops Out

Post 6 - Modifications
1) Acura TL rear sway bar
2) V6 6-speed/TL front strut tower brace
3) TSX mirrors w/ side turn signals
4) Wheels
5) Illuminated steering wheel controls
6) Inspire headlights/foglights
7) Foglights
8) HFP package (Honda Factory Performance)
9) Exhaust Tips
10) OEM Spoiler/Wing
11) Trunk Lid Garnish (Cover, Liner)
12) Auto-dimming mirror
13) Homelink/Home-Link
14) Playing TV/DVD on the NAV screen
15) Aux input
16) Customizing Navi boot screen
17) Detailing
18) Clear Bra
19) Speakers
20) Tires
21) Winter Tires
22) Oil
23) Oil Filter
24) Tire Pressures
25) Gas
26) TSX Intake Manifold

Post 7 - Parts
1) Part Source (OEM)
2) Part Sources (aftermarket)

Post 8 - Torque Specs
1) Lug Nuts
2) Oil Drain Plug
3) AT filler bolt
4) AT drain bolt
5) Spark plugs

Post 9 - How To's and DIY's

1) Instructions: How To Replace Suspension
2) How to change / drain and fill ATF on I4 engine
3) How To Replace Rear Oxygen Sensor
4) Eliminate LED Bulb Induced Hyper flashing Without Load Resistors
5) How To Replace Spark Plugs On V6
6) 03-05 4 Door Accord Fog Light Templates
7) How to change V6 ATF Filter

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General Information
1) Trim Levels

DX (sedan only)(2003-2004)
VP (sedan only) (2005+)
LX-SE (2005 Coupe, 2006 Sedan)
SE (2007 Sedan)
LX V6 SE (2005 Coupe)
SE V6 (2007 Sedan)
EX-L (EX with Leather)
EX-L NAV (EX with Leather and Navigation System)
EX V6 (2003-2006)
EX-L V6 (2007+)
EX V6 NAV (EX V6 with Navigation System)
EX-L V6 Nav (2007+)
EX V6 6MT (EX V6 with 6-speed manual. For 2003-2005, available on Coupe only, 2006+ Coupe and Sedan)
EX-L V6 6MT (2007+)
EX V6 6MT NAV (EX V6 with 6-speed manual and Navigation System. For 2003-2005, available on Coupe only, 2006+ Coupe and Sedan)
EX-L V6 6MT (2007+)
Hybrid (2005+)
Hybrid NAV (2005+)

2) Engine/Codes

K24A4 – DX, LX, EX
2.4L Inline-4, DOHC i-VTEC, 16 valves
160HP @ 5500RPM
161LB-FT @ 4500RPM

J30A4 – LX, EX
3.0L V6, SOHC VTEC, 24 valves
240HP @ 6250RPM
212LB-FT @ 5000RPM

J30/IMA – Hybrid
3.0L V6, SOHC i-VTEC with VCM*
255HP @ 6000RPM
232LB-FT @ 5000RPM

2006+ K24A8*
166HP @ 5800RPM
160LB-FT @ 4000RPM

2006+ J30A5*
244HP @ 6244/6250RPM (2006/2007+)
211LB-FT @ 5000RPM

2006+ Hybrid*
253HP @ 6000RPM
232LB-FT @ 5000RPM

*SAE J1349 Revised 8/04

3) Transmission

Coupe – 5-speed manual (I4 only), 5-speed automatic, 6-speed manual (EX V6 only)
Sedan – 5-speed manual (I4 only), 5-speed automatic

Coupe – 5-speed manual (I4 only), 5-speed automatic, 6-speed manual (EX V6/EX-L V6 only)
Sedan – 5-speed manual (I4 only), 5-speed automatic, 6-speed manual (EX V6/EX-L V6 only)

4) Fuel information

Tank size – 17.1 gallons

2003-2005 I4 24/33
2006 I4 24/34
2007+ I4 21/31
2003-2005 V6 21/30
2006 V6 20/29
2007+ V6 18/26
2003-2005 Hybrid 29/37
2006 Hybrid 25/34
2007+ Hybrid 24/32

2003-2006 I4 26/34
2007+ I4 23/31
2003-2005 V6 20/30
2006 V6 21/30
2007+ V6 18/27

5) Tire information

Example: P205/65R15 91H
P - Passenger car tire
205 - width of the tire, in millimeters
65 - aspect ratio of the sidewall (ie. height sidewall is 65% the height of the tread width of 205mm)
R - Radial. Sometimes a letter will come before the R. This will indicate the speed rating in absense of the 91H
15 - height of the "hole in the tire" (for the rim), in inches
91 - load rating. Higher # = ability to support more weight
H - speed rating. Indicator of how fast a speed the tire can safely travel. Normally it will be well over 100MPH.

Tire Sizes
DX/VP – P195/65R15 89H
LX – P205/65R15 92H (2007+ Coupe use EX tire/wheel)
LX-SE – P205/60R16 91V
EX – P205/60R16 91V
2003-2005 LX V6 – P205/60R16 91V
2003-2005 EX V6 – P205/60R16 91V
2003-2005 EX V6 6MT – P215/50R17 93V
2006+ all V6 – P215/50R17 93V
All Hybrid - P215/60 R16 94V

Tire Models
Bridgestone Turanza EL41
Michelin Energy MXV4 S8
Michelin Pilot MXM4 - Mounted on 17" wheels only

6) Paint Codes

Alabaster Silver Metallic = NH-700M
Carbon Bronze Pearl = YR-562P
Cool Blue Metallic = B-542M
Deep Green Pearl = G-516P
Desert Mist Metallic = YR-538M
Eternal Blue Pearl = B-96P
Graphite Pearl = NH-658P
Nighthawk Black Pearl = B-92P
Redondo Red Pearl = R-522P
Royal Blue Pearl = B-536P
San Marino Red = R-94
Sapphire Blue Pearl = B-517P
Satin Silver Metallic = NH-623M
Taffeta White = NH-578

7) Acronyms

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
CAI - Cold Air Intake, aftermarket modification in hopes of finding more power
CEL - Check Engine Light
CHMSL - Center High Mounted Stop Lamp. The brake light mounted at the back/center of the car, normally on the rear shelf (behind the seat) or on the trunk.
DBW - Drive By Wire (electronic throttle control, no direct linkage on the gas pedal)
DIY - Do It Yourself
DOHC - Dual OverHead Camshaft
DRL - Daytime Running Light
EBD - Electronic Brake Distribution
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve/port
EX-L - EX with Leather
EX-VL (uncommon) - EX V6 Leather (all EX V6 come standard with Leather)
GC - German Castrol
GLC - Grade Logic Control (helps transmission get the proper gear)
HAH - Honda Accord Hybrid (2005+ only)
i-VTEC - intelligent Variable valve Timing Electronically Controlled
IMA - Integrated Motor Assist, available on Hybrid only (gas+electric drivetrain)
M1 - Mobil 1
MAF - Mass Air Flow sensor (only on some models)
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (same as CEL)
NAVI - Honda Satellite Linked Navigation System
OCI - Oil Change Interval
PCM - Powertrain Control Module (the brain, also called ECU)
PSI - Pounds per Square Inch. Indication of pressure (mainly for the tire).
SOHC - Single OverHead Camshaft
SAB/SCAB - Side Air Bags/Side Curtain Air Bags
SRS - Supplemental Restraint System (Air Bags)
TCS - Traction Control System
VCM - Variable Cylinder Management. Ability to shut off the rear bank of cylinders under low load conditions to maximize fuel mileage. Integrates with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Active Control Engine Mount System (ACM) to make the system transparent to the driver, with the exception of the green “ECO” light on the gauge cluster. (Hybrid only)
VSA - Vehicle Stability Assist (helps curb skidding)
VTEC - Variable valve Timing Electronically Controlled
XM - Satellite Radio

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Model History
For 2003, Honda releases a completely redesigned Accord. Like every other Honda, the new Accord comes to the fight in full battle gear, bringing with it a full assortment of features, options, advancements and innovations. From the bargain basement DX model to the fully loaded EX V6 Navi, everyone can find a trim level that's right for their price range.

Tech Specs on the 7th gen Accord's chassis from Honda's website.
Tech Specs on the 7th gen Accord's drivetrain (Part 1)
Tech Specs on the 7th gen Accord's drivetrain (Part 2)
Tech Specs on the 7th gen Accord's drivetrain (Part 3)

Trim Levels and Features
Three basic trim levels are offered on the Accord: DX, LX and EX. Available only as a sedan, the DX is the value model, coming standard with items considered luxuries just a few years ago. Among them, AM/FM/CD, power windows, tilt AND telescope steering, intermittent wipers, 15" steel wheels with full wheel covers, four wheel ABS, and dual front airbags.

The LX adds to that impressive list with air conditioning, cruise control, power side view mirrors, power locks with keyless entry, upgraded interior fabric, optional side airbags, and more speakers for the audio system. Outside, it is easily distingused by its 7 spoke wheel covers, body color moldings/mirrors/door handles, chrome trim surrounding the windows, and more available colors. The LX V6 makes side airbags standard, adds a standard 5-speed automatic, 16" steel wheels with 7-spoke wheel covers, 4 wheel disc brakes, anti-theft system, traction control, front side airbags, 8-way power drivers seat, 6-disc in dash CD changer, and of course the V6 (with dual chrome exhaust tips on the Coupe).

Stepping up to the EX model, you get polished 16" 5-spoke alloy wheels, painted side skirts, 4 wheel disc brakes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution, power moonroof with tilt, adjustable driver seat lumbar support and power height adjustment, anti-theft system, side air bags, steering wheel mounted audio controls, upgraded interior trim, and a 6-disc in dash CD changer. Available options include leather trim (includes automatic dual zone climate control, heated front seats with 8 way power driver seat, and side airbags), Honda's Navigation System (available only with leather, includes trip computer), and side curtain airbags (available only with leather). The V6 adds a standard 5-speed automatic, Home-Link transmitter, standard leather interior, traction control, and unique 16" 7-spoke polished alloy wheels, and dual chrome exhaust tips on the Coupe. A 6-speed manual transmission was offered as a no cost option for the EX V6 Coupe only, bringing a 180 watt premium audio system, red V6 badging, elegant silver 17" split 5-spoke wheels, perforated leather and faux carbon fiber interior trim along with it.

Colors offered in 2003 (in US) were:
  • Desert Mist Metallic
  • Eternal Blue Pearl
  • Graphite Pearl
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Noble Green Pearl
  • Redondo Red Pearl
  • San Marino Red
  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Satin Silver Metallic
  • Taffeta White

For 2004, the Accord stayed more or less the same. XM Satellite Radio and side curtain air bags became standard on models with leather interiors (EX-L, EX V6).

Colors offered in 2004 (in US) were:
  • Deep Green Pearl
  • Desert Mist Metallic
  • Eternal Blue Pearl
  • Graphite Pearl
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Redondo Red Pearl
  • San Marino Red
  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Satin Silver Metallic
  • Taffeta White

For 2005, the Accord received a slight update. The sedan rear lights became all red with the exception of the reverse lights. All models received standard front side airbags and side curtain airbags. LX and LX V6 models received new 6 spoke wheel covers and the EX V6 received restyled thicker 7-spoke polished alloys. The LX-SE and LX-SE V6 trim package also makes its debut on the Accord Coupe, consisting of EX alloy wheels (engine dependent, ie. LX-SE V6 gets EX V6 wheels), a flush trunk mounted spoiler, and painted side skirts underneath the doors. The Accord Hybrid also debuts with a 255HP 3.0L V6 with IMA, VCM, ANC, and ACM. Available only as a sedan, it comes standard with a lip spoiler, unique 16" aerodynamic alloys, unique exterior colors, yet curiously has no spare tire (a can of Fix-A-Flat and gloves instead) or sunroof. The interior is differentiated by a slightly modified gauge cluster with an IMA gauge to show whether the electric motor and battery are assisting or being charged. The cubby hole underneath the climate controls is also made considerably smaller, why is anyone's guess. A Navigation System remains optional.

Colors offered in 2005 (in US) were:
  • Deep Green Pearl
  • Desert Mist Metallic
  • Eternal Blue Pearl
  • Graphite Pearl
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Redondo Red Pearl
  • San Marino Red
  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Satin Silver Metallic
  • Silver Frost Metallic
  • Taffeta White

For 2006, the Accord received a nice makeover. The front and rear fascias were changed, as was the front grille, along with completely new taillamps and revised badging for both the coupe and sedan. Engines are updated to 166HP for the 4 cylinder with DBW (increase of 6HP) and 244HP for the 6 cylinder (increase of 4). 4 cylinder EX models received split 5-spoke 16" polished alloys, while all V6 models except the Hybrid and 6-speed receive polished 17" 9-spoke alloys as well as a standard sunroof. The 6-speed option makes its way over to the sedan, and all 6-speeds get polished 17" 5-spoke alloy wheels. The instrument cluster is updated slightly across the board, as is the shift knob on automatic models. The Hybrid debuts later in the model year, with 253HP and a sunroof, along with a significant drop in mileage. The Hybrid's gauge cluster also receives a uniquely colored gauge cluster to differentiate it from the rest of the Accord sedans. The DX trim is dropped in favor of the new VP, now with power locks and cruise control standard, along with the normal side air bags and side curtain air bags. The LX-SE trim is dropped from the Coupe lineup and added to the Sedan lineup, adding a 6-disc CD changer, EX 16" alloys and 4 wheel disc brakes w/ EBD. This time around, the LX-SE trim is limited to the 4 cylinder engine. All models receive DRL's and the Maintenance Minder system. All V6's receive Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) to complement the traction control system. The optional Navigation System is updated with 4th generation GPS software/interface, improving usability and features.

Colors offered in 2006 (in US) were:
  • Alabaster Silver Metallic
  • Carbon Bronze Pearl
  • Desert Mist Metallic
  • Graphite Pearl
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Premium White Pearl
  • Redondo Red Pearl
  • Royal Blue Pearl
  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Silver Frost Metallic
  • Taffeta White

For 2007, the Accord carries over relatively unchanged, since 2006 was the Accord's year for the mid-model change (MMC). Several minor changes are made to trim lines. An SE V6 model is added, slotting in below the LX V6. SE V6 buyers have to forego the power drivers seat, power moonroof, heated side mirrors, and ambient lighting, but they also get to keep an extra $1850 in the bank. All EX V6 trim lines are also renamed EX-L V6, which adds a 4 way power passenger seat this year. All coupe models now come with alloy wheels.

Colors offered in 2007 (in US) were:
  • Alabaster Silver Metallic
  • Carbon Bronze Pearl
  • Cool Blue Metallic
  • Desert Mist Metallic
  • Graphite Pearl
  • Moroccan Red Pearl
  • Nighthawk Black Pearl
  • Royal Blue Pearl
  • San Marino Red
  • Sapphire Blue Pearl
  • Taffeta White

Two engines are offered on the 7th generation Accord. The 4 cylinder model (DX, LX, EX) receives a state of the art K-series engine, a far cry from the ancient F-series engine (tracing its roots back to the 1990 Accord) of the previous generation. Displacing 2.4 liters, the engine utilizes DOHC i-VTEC to help it produce 160HP and 161lb-ft of torque. More amazingly, this engine also manages to achieve great fuel mileage (26/34 MT, 24/33 AT) and is available with a PZEV emissions rating. Maintenance requirements are also lowered. Oil changes are now stretched out to 10,000 miles, spark plugs aren't due for 110,000 miles, and unlike the belts of previous Honda's, the timing chain never needs to be replaced. The engine received an update for 2006 (including the addition of DBW), checking in at 166HP under the new SAE J1349 test standards. The K24 can be mated to a 5-speed manual or an optional 5-speed automatic.

The real news lies in the 6 cylinder model (LX, EX). Although not a fresh design like the K24, the J-series carries over from the 6th generation with major modifications to help it compete with the Camry, Altima and Mazda6. Drastic changes to the intake path, valvetrain and an integrated exhaust manifold helps the buttery smooth 3.0 liter engine to produce 240HP and 212lb-ft of torque. Spark plugs aren't due for change until 105K, but the oil still needs to be replaced every 7500 miles. For 2006, the engine received a 4 horsepower boost under the new SAE J1349 test standards. The J30 can be mated to a 5-speed automatic or a no cost option 6-speed manual (see Trim Levels for specifics)

The Hybrid model (sedan only) adds a 15HP electric motor to the 6 cylinder, putting it at 255HP. Gains in fuel economy were not the main priority as much as the added torque of the electric motor around town and during passing maneuvers. A redesigned 5-speed automatic was installed in order to fit the electric motor, with regenerative braking as an added bonus.
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Maintenance Items

2003-2005 Accord I4 Maintenance Schedule

These items are for the 2003-2005 models. Please confirm that these work with Gen7.5 models (2006+)
2006-2007 Accords use MMS and can disregard the recommended intervals listed below.

Air Cleaner - Replace @ 30K normal conditions, @ 15K dusty conditions
I4 - 17220-RAA-A00
V6 - 17220-RCA-A00
V6 Air Cleaner Replacement

Automatic Transmission Fluid - Replace @ 120K or 6 years normal conditions, @ 60K or 3 years severe conditions
I4 drain and fill - 3.0 quarts - DIY
V6 drain and fill - ?

ATF Filter - Unspecified interval
I4 - 25430-PLR-003 - More Info
V6 - 25450-RAY-003 - More info

Battery - As needed
I4 - 31500-SR1-100M
V6 - 31500-SL5-100M

Brake Pads/Shoes - As needed
I4 Front - 45022-SDA-A10
I4 Front (J VIN) - 45022-SDC-A10
I4 Rear Disc (Sedan only) - 43022-S84-A50
I4 Rear Disc (J VIN Sedan, all Coupe) - 43022-SV4-G22
I4 Rear Drum - 43053-SM4-A00
V6 Front (excl. 6MT, Hybrid) - 45022-SDB-A10
V6 6MT Front - 45022-SEA-J11
V6 Hybrid Front - 45022-SDR-A00
V6 Rear (excl. J VIN Sedan, Hybrid, Coupe) - 43022-S84-A50
V6 Rear (J VIN Sedan, Hybrid, all Coupe) - 43022-SV4-G22
Front Brake Pads Replacement (disc brakes)
Rear Brake Pads Replacement (disc brakes)
Rear Brake Shoes Replacement (drum brakes)

Cabin Air Filter - Every 30K or two years
80290-SDC-A01 (J VIN sedan - 2x the price but should be the same as above)
Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Drain Plug Crush Washer - Every respective fluid change
Oil - 94109-14000
AT Fluid Drain Plug - 90471-PX4-000
MT Fluid Drain Plug - 94109-14000

Fluid Capacities
I4 Crankcase Oil (MT/AT) - 5.3 / 5.2 quarts *Used for new/rebuilt engine only
I4 Oil change and filter - 4.4 quarts
I4 Coolant System (MT/AT) 7.2 / 7.1 quarts
V6 Crankcase Oil - 5.3 quarts *Used for new/rebuilt engine only
V6 Oil change and Filter - 4.5 quarts
V6 Coolant System (MT/AT) - 8.9 / 8.4 quarts

Light Bulbs
Headlight Low Beam - 9006
Headlight High Beam - 9005
Front turn signal - 1157
OEM Foglight - H11

How to adjust/aim headlights

Rear - confirmed for 03-05 models only
Tail lamp (Sedan) - 194
Tail lamp (Coupe) - 7443
Stop lamp - 7443
CHMSL (3rd brake light) - 7440
Reverse Lamp (Sedan) - 7440
Reverse Lamp (Coupe) - 921
Rear turn signal (Coupe) - 7440
Rear turn signal (Sedan) - 7440A
License Plate lamp - 194

Ashtray bulb - 74
Courtesy lights (doors) - 168
Trunk light - 168

Oil Filter - Every 20K or 1 year (I4), Every 15K or 1 year (V6)
15400-PLM-A01 (new Filtech, US market)
15400-PLM-A02 (new Honeywell/Fram, Canadian market)
15400-PCX-004 (old Toyo Roki, specified for S2000 only but assumed usable on all)
15400-P0H-305 (old Filtech, US market, no longer in production)

Spark Plug - Every 110K (I4), Every 105K (V6)
I4 - 9807B-56A7W (NGK IZFR6K13) / 9807B-56A5W (Denso SKJ20DR-M13)
V6 - 9807B-5615W (Denso SKJ20DR-M11)
Proper spark plug gap

Wipers - Every 6 months, 6000 miles or as needed
Wiper Blade Driver Side - 76620-SDA-A01
Wiper Blade Passenger Side - 76630-SDA-A01
Wiper Insert Driver Side - 76622-SDA-A01
Wiper Insert Passenger Side - 76632-SDA-A01
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Problem Areas
1) Automatic Transmission Failure
7th Gen Transmission Failures - Logbook
Honda/Acura tranny failures explained …

2) Radio Problems
Another 7th-gen radio bites the dust!
03 EX Audio/HVAC Display Repair Procedure
Anyone else have 7th Gen in-dash changer problems?
2003 Accord EX Changer dead
for those of you with audio screens that went black! *Warranty Extension
No Display Radio Fix - No display radio fix

3) Radio/Headunit Removal
Removing radio from 2003 EX V6
DIY to take apart 2005 for SNHOND3 install?

4) A-Pillar/Window rattles
2006 Accord VP Interior Rattles
Need TSB 05-205 - 05 Accord - Rattle From Driver Side A-Pillar
7Gen window rattle fix!
2006 Accord with Window Rattle and whistle
Grrrrr... It's back
Window squeek...

5) Brake vibrations
Brake shudder - 2006 Accords
brake shimmy/judder/vibration....need suggestions
04 Rotor Question
2003 Accord Brakes
Canadian brake and rotor problems/ 2003 EX-L

6) Premature Upholstery wear
Leather wear -- warranty replacement?
Interior Upholstery Wearing Out on 2006

7) Taillight-Quarter Panel peeling/damaged paint
rear quarter panel paint damage at taillight
coupe owners, please check

8) Grinding/Groaning noise after cold start
"Grinding" When Starting Out
ABS Grunt
brake noise

9) Maintenance Required Light
"Maint Req'd" light unexpectedly blinks
Maintenance Required Light...
Maintenance Required light
Mainten. light in 03 LX
'06 maintaince minder.... *Maintenance Minder
How To: Force-Retrieve Maintenance Item Codes (for MM equipped Hondas) *Maintenance Minder

10) Oil Consumption
Opinions on oil consumption
Poll - Does your car use any oil between changes?
1/4 qt in 4,000 miles?

11) First oil change
06 V6 - First Oil change?
Don't Replace Original Engine Oil Too Soon
When was your first oil change???

12) Fuel Consumption/Fuel Economy
7th Gen Accord MPG Thread. Post your MPG here!
Poor mileage for 2006 Accord 4-Cyl
Just got 32.06 mpg on my Accord (i4)
What is wrong with my fuel mileage??
4 K miles almost reached EPA est MPG
Vegas trip MPG
MPG with 2006 Accord V6?
'05 EX-L MPG report

13) Engine vibrations
Idle very rough
03-04 L4 engine vibration in gear 04-024.
Engine vibration at idle, suggestions for dealing with the dealer?
'05 I4 EXL w/ rough idle
Big problem with vibration

14) Trunk Leak
Peniole's 7th Gen trunk leak DIY fix
water leak in trunk area

15) Glass Replacement
Windshield - Rock damage
Bad Luck
Replacing wihdshield

16) Driver's Side Window Rattle
Sticky for known rattle fixes...

17) 6MT 3rd Gear Pops Out
TSB for 3rd Gear Grinds, Pop Outs, etc.

18) Faulty Accelerator Position Sensor (P2138 code) and How To Fix
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1) Acura TL rear sway bar

17mm bar parts needed:

1 of 52300-SEP-A03
2 of 52306-SEP-A02
2 of 52308-S3M-A00

20mm bar parts needed:

1 of 52300-SEP-A11
2 of 52306-SEP-A11
2 of 52308-S3M-A00

TL Rear Sway Bar Install
Got 17mm sway bar installed, and.......
2006 Accord and rear sway bar mod...
The sway bar review... 14 vs 20 vs 17 with pics...
Just finished TL Sway bar install
Lots more – do a search!

2) V6 6-speed/TL front strut tower brace
Has anyone installed a '04 Acura TL strut brace?
Neuspeed STB Help – Neuspeed/aftermarket
added V6 Strut brace to my I4 today
6MT Coupe Sways & Strut Tower on a Sedan
http://www.cardomain.com/ride/281873/5 - DIY guide

3) TSX mirrors w/ side turn signals
TSX Mirrors Pics

4) Wheels
Wheels for 04 4 door accord ?
06 Accord with TSX rims
Accord with TSX Wheels
Wheel offset for 06 Accords Wheel offset
17" RSX-S wheels
Survey-If you've upgraded your wheels...
Civic SI rims on Accord?

5) Illuminated Steering Wheel Controls
05 accord sedans!!
Illuminated Switch install

6) Inspire Headlights/foglights
JDM headlight conversion
Inspire Front End?
JDM Inspire Fog Lights
Inspire Front End?
JDM Headlamp Unit (2006)

7) Foglights
Gen 7 Fog Lights
03, 04, 05 Fog Lights: Want 'Em, Got 'Em, Hate 'Em!
Fog lights worth it?
Fog Lights for 2005 Sedan
JDM Foglight

8) HFP package
06 Coupe Aero Kit?
HFP parts?
Pic Request: Graphite HFP 17s anyone?
Finally..Installed HFP suspension & TL Sway bar

9) Exhaust Tips
Are the Honda OEM Exhaust Tips (for 7th Gen) SS or Chrome?
Chrome Exhaust??

10) OEM Spoiler/Wing
2006 Sedan Deck Lid Spoiler
Decklid spoiler
Need spoiler suggestions
Wing spoiler for a sedan?
??? for those w/Spoilers
Does anyone have pics of the 2 OEM spoilers on a coupe?
Deck Lid Spoiler?
Wing Spoiler or Lid Spoiler - 4dr Sedan

11) Trunk Lid Garnish
2006 EX Trunk Lid Cover
Trunk lid liner

12) Auto-dimming mirror
Autodimming mirror on 05 EXL?
Installing the autodimming mirror w/ compass
Just a public service announcement with regards to auto-dim mirrors

13) Homelink/Home-Link
Home Link transmitter
How easy to add Home-Link?
How to pull down the domelamp assy?
Garage door opener mod
05 homelink 04-065
Homelink Transmitter Install

14) Playing TV/DVD on the NAV screen
DVD Movie in the DVD NAV?
Watching movies in navi?
Finally installed AVelectronics switcher in 2005 Accord

15) Aux input (Also refer to Problem Areas > 3) Radio Removal)
Soundgate SNHOND3 question...
Aux input and keep your XM - June 14 is the day (maybe!!)
Soundgate's SNHOND3 or Blitzsafe's HON/AUX DMX V.2 or PIE HON03/PC-SON??
2003-2005 Honda Accord iPod Installation - A Success Story!

16) Customizing Navi boot screen
Customizing the Navi boot screen*03-05 Navi
06+ Accord Navi Hack (Easy2Follow Directions)*06+ Navi
Navigation OK Button Bypass patch for our Accords*03-05 "OK" bypass

17) Detailing
The ultimate quick detailer?
Which Porter Cable?
List of detailing suppliers!!
Engine cleaning
clay bar
Klasse vs Zaino
NXT 05 Accord Sedan ,,, Smashed the Gold
Cleaning leather seats

18) Clear Bra
Clear Bra
Where to get "clear bra"?
Clear door edge guard film - installed
Bug Shield or Bra
Clear bra DIY
Will this fit on my 06 coupe?

19) Speakers
7th Gen Speaker Replacement
7th gen rear speakers help
Rear speaker install question
Hopeful speaker upgrade
MB Quart 6x9's in 06 Sedan - Will they fit?

20) Tires
Michelin Pilot S8 or Goodyear TripleTred
Yokohama Avid V4 225/55/16 - 2003 EX-V6
I got my Tripletreads
goodyear triple tread
Michelin Hydroedge
Do you like the OEM Tires?

21) Winter Tires
green diamond tires
winter tires?
evaluation of Mastercraft's Glaciergrip II

22) Oil
Stick with a 5w-20!
Mobil 1...
Wow... 10w-30 Mobil1 Synthetic Makes my car PURRRRRR like a kitten
Major Oil Co. Motor Oils. Would you use them?
What oil are you using?

23) Oil Filter
Is there an official Honda position on... *Filter bypass/S2K filter
Oil Change Costs??? *Old/new filter

24) Tire Pressure
Tire pressure for long trip?
04 Accord tire pressure

25) Gas
Gas Discussion Thread: What brand do you use? What's the best brand? Etc...
MPG/Gas quality/winterized gas
Anyone else find that their 7th gen likes Premium Gas?
Gas Additives
High Test Gas
Is your brand of gas on the list?

26) TSX Intake Manifold
TSX intake manifold (Inline 4 Cyl) for 7th gen Accord

27) Rear Drum to Disc Brakes Conversion How-To

28) Center Console / Armrest Removal Instructions
7th Gen Center Console Armrest Removal Instructions

29) Replica of OEM Front Lip -- eBay, Modulo, etc
Replica OEM front lip (PROGRESS THREAD)
What lip is this? eBay replica, OEM, Modulo?
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2003-2007 Common Torque Specs
(all torque specifications are in ft-lbs unless otherwise noted)

Wheel Lug Nuts..............80 (retorque after 15 miles if new alloys)

Oil Drain Plug (I4)............33
Oil Drain Plug (V6)...........29

AT filler bolt...................33
AT drain bolt..................36

Spark plugs....................13

Front caliper bolts...........26
Rear caliper bolts............17

Rear swaybar bracket......16
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