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I'm not a professional detailer but I learned a lot about it, I bought a great polisher and I experimented on my car.

If you run your fingernail over the scratch, does the scratch catch your fingernail? I've read countless threads about scratches and they all ask that question. If the scratch doesn't catch your fingernail, it can probably be buffed out. And even if the scratch catches your fingernail, buffing can reduce the appearance of the scratch.

If I were you, I'd find a great detailer and ask them what they can do. Good detailers are careful. They take corrective actions AND minimize the amount of clearcoat they take off. Sometimes it's a trade-off. For really bad scraches, they often won't try to take it out completely because it would require taking off too much clearcoat. Worst case, they can always wet sand it, but that's a bigger job and probably not appropriate for a small scratch like that on a new car.
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