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Maintenance Items


1) Reset Maintenance Minder

Reset the engine oil life display if you have performed the maintenance service.

1. Set the power mode to ON.
2. Press button to select Vehicle Settings, then press the SEL/RESET
3. Press the button until Maintenance Reset appears on the display.
4. Press the SEL/RESET button. The oil life reset mode is displayed on the multi-information display.
5. Select Reset with the button, then press the SEL/RESET button. The displayed maintenance items disappear, and the engine oil life display
returns to 100%.

To cancel the oil life reset mode, select Cancel, then press the SEL/RESET button.

2) TPMS Calibration (.PDF)

3) Replacing Cabin Air Filter -- same process as on previous generation Accords, except the 9th generation Accord doesn't have the filter frame/holder.

4) CVT Fluid - How To Check and Replace

How to Check and Replace CVT Fluid (.PDF)

5) Brake Pads / Rotors

  • Front
    - part # 45022-T2G-A00 = All except LX sedan, LX-S coupe
  • Rear
    - part # 43022-TA0-A80 = All

  • Front:
    - 11.1" (part # 45251-T2F-A00) = LX sedan and LX-S coupe ONLY
    - 11.5" (part # 45251-T2G-A00) = All except LX sedan and LX-S coupe
  • Rear:
    - 11.1" (part # 42510-T2F-A00) = all
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