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View Poll Results: What cell phone provider do you have?
Sprint/Nextel 22 14.67%
T-Mobile 22 14.67%
Verizon 56 37.33%
Cingular/AT&T 39 26.00%
Other 11 7.33%
Voters: 150. You may not vote on this poll

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Which cell phone provider do you have?

Easy poll...............just curious what provider everyone has. For me, it's T-Mobile. I've been a customer ever since they were Voicestream. So I'd say I have been with them for about 11 years.

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I have Verizon now and I like them a lot (but could be due to my Nokia 6236i more than the service itself). I had Cingular last year with a 1st gen Moto RAZR V3, before all the M's and C's and i's and colors all came out. Always had dropped calls, even with full signal

My dad has had Sprint for something like 8-10 years, doesn't wanna switch. It's a pretty good barebones service

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T mobile prepaid minutes. I dont have to deal with that monthly billing hassle.

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T-Mobile for about 3 years now, and no desire to switch. It's the first time I haven't wanted to change carriers at contract end since my first cell phone in 1997.
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Yes, I am a guy
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i have tmobile. regret having it but its best bang for the buck. signal sucks. dropped calls sometimes.

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My first service was with Bell South in TN in 1996 because I had a POJ Ford that broke down all the time. After I moved to Korea (Army) I had no cell phone, got back in summer 2000 and got Sprint. Sprint was horrible (many, many problems) and since you had to wait on hold for 2 hours to talk to them I dropped them after my year (And got away with only paying for 6 months of service after threatening to join several class action lawsuits against them). From Sprint my expectations of cell phones was low, but I went with Verizon in summer of 01 and have not looked back yet. I have changed my contract and got new phones every 2 years (Always for free of course) and now I have a Razr V3M (Which is darn near impossible to hack ) and love it. To each their own though, my Step mom went with Sprint because Verizon was not available in WV. She has been satisfied (She left T-Mobile for Sprint). She said Sprint has treated her better than T-Mobile, but there is still something left to be desired as far as customer service goes.

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I had TMobile for years with good results. My mothers house was destroyed in The Espransa (Banning) fire and TMobile only covered the Freeway. Since Verizon had coverage where she needed it I switched.

Since I was with two 19.95 basic plans and now I am on a Verizon Family plan, I pay more but the phone works where I need it.

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T-Mobile pre-paid now. Mostly for emergencies.

Don't really use a cell enough to warranty a post-paid plan.

Had Cingular (was Pacific Bell way way back) but cancelled many many years ago.
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Cingular... twice they've forgiven some serious over-use charges.. once to the tune of $80, and another time for >$100! No catch! All I had to do was call and ask.

I was out of contract the 2nd time, and they didn't even ask to lock me into one.

That sure sold me!

Durka Durka
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Cingular b/c I travel and need my phone to work. I had Sprint for about 4 years, but got tired of dropped calls.

Cingular now for about 2 years. They are pretty good and give a sweet military discount.
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Cingular. we had Pac Bell Wireless since like...'99? then that became cingular. we had both cingular and AT&T wireless for a few months, then AT&T got bought by cingular so we migrated all lines back to cingular (no ETF fee for migrating) to get new phones even though we were only 6 months into our AT&T contract. still over a year left with our current cingular contract, and i hope my dad doesnt switch after its over. i like GSM and tmobile sucks, so i hope we stay with cing.

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We did the same thing w/ AT&T. They did the switch for free, gave us 4 more free phones and a buttload of minutes we don't use.

My current position at USAFA also has a gov phone, so I carry two phones around....I hate it.
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i'm with both sprint and cingular attm..... free trial with cing...

sick and tired of dropped calls with sprint, and them threatening you to cancel if your bill's not paid on the due date.....

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We've had Verizon since they were GTE. I opened the account in 1995. Back then there was no such thing as a calling plan. You simply apid for each minute you were on the phone.

We now have a plan that no longer exsists. It's much better. Of course, any verizon to verizon calls don't count on minutes & free nights & weekends, including "data" stuff. My phone is only 14.99 per month for 1500 anytime minutes & 250 shared minutes. His is 34.99 for the same. We both have text messaging, picture sending, free long distance from home area, no roaming in 4 states, online... (their version, which is limited).

My phone is the Razr V3M.... I've now had it over a year & haven't had any problems. The Moto V710 was eaiser to text with.... My prince still has his & has no complaints.

Now if they just made a beter variety of "skins" for it!!

Verizon seems to work the best for where we go..... it's the only one that works at my moms in NV. Most only work in the Reno/Tahoe/LV areas. It doesn't have any blank spots all up & down I-5. It worked great in Hawaii, FL, DC....

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In the Pacific Northwest GTE Wireless was bought by Cingular. We've had Cingular since they bought out our section of GTE Wireless.

So we've had Cingular since March 2001.

For some odd reason, every time we upgrade phones, our billing some how get's screwed up. But it always get's fixed. When my parents upgraded their phones our bill came out $73 higher, because they ended up taking me off the family plan, and putting me on the plan with the highest minutes. Don't know why. But they credited us for the next bill, and according to my mom, they actually over credited us, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion.

When I upgraded to my BlackBerry in December, somehow I ended up with my text messaging being turned off. I went in to the store, and the sales guy told me that, then he reinstated the text messaging. I only got charged $0.33 for that months bill for text messaging.

Free M2M with Cingular customers saved my butt back in May. We have 850 shared anytime minutes, plus rollover. During May I used 1,175 anytime minutes. Thankfully, 1,007 of those minutes were to Cingular customers. I used 1,741 minutes that month. 1,366 minutes were to the same person, who thankfully had Cingular, too.

We've been perfectly happy with Cingular.

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