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  1. Buying a Used Car? Read Before Weeping

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    There are many reasons to buy a used car. Some of us have a choice in this, while for others it is the only option. But, that doesn't mean that you can't get a great deal. You just need to do a little work up front. When it comes time for me to find some new wheels, deciding on what I want is...
  2. Get Ready for Spring: Top Ten Tips

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    Whether you stored your ride this winter, or battled it out with the elements, Spring is heading this way and it'll soon be time to get ready for the changeover. That means getting rid of Winter's influence and getting ready for the challenges of Spring. Now, if you survived the East Coast...
  3. 3,000 Miles? That's Your Father's Oil Change

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    3,000 Miles? That's Your Father's Oil Change It's funny (...not really) how long it takes us to throw off the burden of old wive's tales and urban myths. These days, it pretty much goes without saying that many automotive enthusiasts still live and die by the 3,000 mile oil change. Whether you...
  4. Ten Ways to Foil Car Thieves

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    Car theft is a problem in many areas of the country. As an essential part of our lives, a stolen car can be both a tragedy and loss, financially and to our sense of safety. It’s essential to protect your car from people who may try to steal your vehicle, or to break into it to take an item...
  5. Tips on Paint Chip Repair

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    Submitted by Dan (aka snomuncher) I've had to repair a few paint chips on my silver 2005. Most metallic paints are difficult to match, with silver being one of the toughest. The metallic elements in the paint don't seem to lay down in the chip and provide the same reflectivity as the...
  6. Win a Free Trip to the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

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    Compete in the SAN Challenge! Along with defending the rights of hobbyists across the United States and Canada, the SAN is now making dreams come true with a chance to attend the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Known as the SAN Challenge, SAN members will have the opportunity to compete for the...
  7. Painted Wheel Road Rash Repair

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    Submitted by McJazzy Project Scope: Repairing curb rash on wheels. This method is for those who want to save considerable money as opposed to getting them professionally done at a wheel repair shop. Total investment is about $40 dollars. The results speak for themselves. Tools Required: 1...
  8. How to Jack Up Your Vehicle For Fun And Profit

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    Submitted by Jay Carter There's a lot of reasons you might want to jack up your vehicle. Change a flat, install some performance parts or maybe you need an oil change. Unfortunately most people don't follow any safety guidelines when they're jacking up their vehicle and when working...
  9. Octane Myths

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    It's nice to think that you're giving your car a "treat" when you pull up to the pumps and select a Premium grade of gasoline. Unfortunately, the fact is that you're better saving your money and treating it to a nice detailing. At least you can see the results from that. While Old Wives didn't...
  10. Upgrading Wheels & Tires - Size Matters

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    Well, it's all good when you do it right. There are plenty of online resources to help you figure out what size you should be looking at when its time to upgrade your tires. The real question is why? Part of the answer is that bigger wheels equals more bling. Whether stealthy black or flashy...
  11. Accord Wagon - Super Sleeper

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    Whoa... this nasty-sounding wagon turned in quarter mile results of 11.16 @ 132 mph. I wonder what's under the hood?
  12. Top Ten Multimeter Tests - Part 2 of 2

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    (Continued from Part 1) 6 - More Resistance Tests You can apply the same test to a number of other components that could be stopping your ride. For example, anything that uses a coil - ignition coils, solenoids, injectors and most sensors - should read only a low resistance between the power...
  13. Top Ten Multimeter Tests - Part 1 of 2

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    Yep... here we go, diving into the whole electrical scene. I know it probably gives you the willies, but face it - your vehicle can't get along without good electrics. For a surprisingly small investment, you'll be amazed at how much these little meters can do, as well as how much time (and $$)...
  14. All About TECH Exchange

    What is This?
    What is it? TECH Exchange is a new program that informs, educates and rewards members for sharing their expertise and experience. As an online program, TECH Exchange promotes the documentation and sharing of automotive and powersports technical, repair, modification and restoration information...
  15. Available & Suggested Topics

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    Following are some example topics that could benefit from having a TECH EXCHANGE article written. This is not to say these are the only topics that will be considered, but can serve as a starting point for ideas. General Topics: How to Buy an Accord How to Winterize your Accord How to Prepare...