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  1. Some arsehole keyed my window!!!

    The 7th Generation
    **** the dealer. get the window at one of those guys that come to ur house and do it and get tinted for like 35-50 depending on the % of ur tint. i paid 50 bucks to have my 2 front windows down (5%)
  2. help adding dvd-playback to stock navi screen

    The 8th Generation
    you need the digital tv conversion box if u wanna pick up channels in your car. i think they make a conversion box for the car now but still you're only gonna get like 4 or 5 channels
  3. OEM Remote Start Pics/Question

    The 8th Generation
    hope you realize that OEM alarms do not have a shock sensor built in. so someone can break your windows and reach in grab whatever...the horn will not go off unless someone opens the trunk or a door. be better off getting an alarm made by DEI w/ remote start built in
  4. How fast have you had your Accord?

    General Drive
    dude what!? i guess i need to push the pedal some more and not give up! i have the same car as u!
  5. How fast have you had your Accord?

    General Drive
    133 before mods 137 after boltons
  6. Car wont start with key, will start with remote starter.

    The Early Generations
    PM me or IM me on AIM (original poster). i'll need the year of your car and what brand and model of the alarm you have. i'm pretty sure i know what it is but i need those details to find out for sure.
  7. FS: Viper 350HV Alarm/Keyless and Viper 3002 Alarm/Keyless 2way Paging *NEW*

    DriveAccord Classifieds
    bump! i know someone needs an alarm on here!
  8. my baby :( :( :(

    The 8th Generation
    yikes! hope you are ok!!
  9. Brembo Big Brake Kit

    The 8th Generation
    wow you have a HOT 8th gen
  10. New pictures of the Accord

    The Gallery
    those rims need a good cleaning!!
  11. Smoked Tail Lights

    The 8th Generation
    i think that looks really good!!!!!
  12. i can see at night !!!

    The 7th Generation
    it actually fit in fine but to hold the bulb in place, i used some BLACK hot glue and its nice and firmly in there. glue also created a seal so no moisture gets in. exactly why i got em. now people can see me backing out mainly got them b/c when i'm leaving my boys house way out west, he...
  13. i can see at night !!!

    The 7th Generation
    aviography, i did that same mod but used a toggle switch. nighthawkcoupe, these actually warm up pretty quick. i was impressed how fast they lit up! it took me about 8 days b/c my bulb size i ordered was on backorder but they still got it quick. a coworker ordered 9006 for his civic and got it...
  14. i can see at night !!!

    The 7th Generation
    i got my hid's from ddmtuning in on friday so i went ahead and put them in today.....where did u put them u ask? YES! in the reverse light bulb location! i have the 4300k h1 kit from $75 shipped with a lifetime warranty! really wasn't that hard to do. the h1 bulb slid in the...
  15. FS: 6th Gen AEM Brake Pads & Brembo Rotors

    DriveAccord Classifieds
    try not a lot of 6th gen owners on here
  16. 8th Gen Coupe Headunit Mod (Scosche Kit)

    Audio & Electronics
    um. u didnt really dynamat the rear deck. i see 2 pieces??? but at least u got lucky w/ the front components and didn't have to cut the damn door to make the 6.5" fit!
  17. SOLD -- Volk GT-V Staggered 19" 8.5/9.5 Gunmetal

    DriveAccord Classifieds
    vouch for lippstuh as well
  18. Which wheels for my accord??

    Wheels & Tires
    so you only come on here to get opinions on wheels? seeing as your first post was lol u joined almost 2 years ago! c'mon! post some more! lol. don't take me so serious though. pics of the car or tellin us the color/sedan or coupe would...
  19. LED Taillights installed on my 8th generation sedan

    The 8th Generation
    i think it'd look even nicer if they were smoked since your car is black
1-20 of 194 Results