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Accord EX-L V6 w/Navi
This will be the story of this car and what it's been through. I first bought the car in 2015 with 64,000 miles on it for $14,000. At the time I was so excited I had finally found a stick, I didn't noticed that there was a dent on the driver's side rear quarter panel. The car had belong to a girl, who probably didn't want to sell it. She had a sad look on her face as I drove away with the car. But the family needed a bigger car. I had been searching for a manuel every single day for the past six months at that point.

Fist thing I did when I rolled into my driveway was to spend the next few days completely wiping down every inch of the interior. Had zero problems for the next six months, until one day the engine started to not want to run right. Everything went a little haywire, and gave me a check engine light. Cylinder number six was misfiring. So I took it to my local dealership by my work, more for convenience. They charged me about $250 to diagnose the issue. Came back fist diagnosis did not reveal anything, they wanted to do the second stage of the diagnosis, another $250. I said go ahead, then a short time after. They said that yielded nothing, so they wanted to continue to the third stage. Another $250, by this point I felt like they had no clue what they were doing and was trying to charge me for every diagnosis step. There reasoning for wanting to charge me for each step was that they need to pay there technicians. This is how the dealership rip you off, I was only supposed to be charge only once, that came from a more honest dealership by my house. Beware this scam some dealerships will try to pull on you.

After doing my research and speaking directly to honda motor USA, it turns out that honda had accepted responsibility for the first three cylinder only. If you have a problem with any other they won't cover it's repair. What kind of lame stunt they had to pull in court to only accept 3 of the six cylinder on a motor that they designed and built. That is so totally shady practice from a company. Like WTF. I'm sharing this so other people will know the stunt they try to pull on you when you have this issues.

Anyways, took it to a local shop. The guy had a $10,000 snap on reader, it shows you how much pressure on any part, and anything else you can think of. He told me the injector was the cause of cylinder number six to misfire. Fixed it and $250 dollars later, the car ran better than before I bought it. I suspect that was the true reason why they sold the car. It was having intermittent injector issues. Why couldn't the dealership do something like that in the beginning with every car to see if things are functioning properly? Just cause there wearing a blue shirt, they weren't so helpful.

From then it's been a long process of replacing this and that, changed the driver master control switch twice, did a complete tune up at 98,000, changed the alternator twice, changed the starter, replaced the fuel pump, and anything that has ever been made for this car in aftermarket performance parts I had one point or another I had it on the car. So I've been through it all, any issues you can think of I had it, but fixed it, changed all the rotors to brembo brake disk. I am proud to say the majority of the work I did myself. Right now, it runs perfectly. Upgraded the sound system and It sounds amazingly loud when I turn it up. That was over 3K on the sound system equipment alone. I totalled up all the money I had put in the car and it added it to $25,000 and counting.

I love this car so I maintain it often, wipe and vacuum it daily. I know OCD, I rather have this than a bmw or lexus. Just my preference. Wanted to share the story of my honda V6, hence the license plate. Thanks.

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