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bought this thing may 17th, 2012 for $700 with a blown freeze plug, dumb chrome wheel covers, and a rear spoiler from an eagle talon that was held up in the middle by a sink fixture. pulled the motor to replace the freeze plugs, swap to a manual transmission, and repair the fender aprons. while i was at it, threw in coils, a welded diff, and bucket seats to have it ready for its first drift event- may 10th, 2013.

the event was a total trash fire- the heater core blew while on the way to the sign-in area, one of the brake calipers kept hanging up (so no handbrake), the power steering was wonky, and the motor blew on the last run of the day. got the head straightened, only to discover that the threads to bolt the upper timing chain idler pulley were stripped out. bought another motor and swapped that in over the winter, putting in a new clutch and a bunch of pbm suspension arms at the same time. finally went through the ordeal of registering the car (never buy a car from a state that doesn't do titles, kids) and drove it around on the street n/a for a while. got bored of that, and october 2014 threw on a simple t25 setup, which made it a day before a boost spike took out the head gasket.

at this point it's april 2015, i've put less than 1000 miles on the car since i bought it originally, and motor #3 is finally in- with a brand new head gasket and arp head studs this time. i drove it around for a while to work some bugs out, then drop it off with a friend to get the third clutch swapped in to prep it for a drift event. in august 2015 i took it to a club loose north event, where it was pretty bulletproof all day (i sucked though) until the bolts from the starter decided that they didn't want to be a part of things anymore and left the car, so we pop-started it to get home and spent the entire 3 hour drive hoping that i wouldn't stall it in traffic. did some more minor fixes to the car over the next month, and put it in storage while i got ready to move across the country, where it's sat ever since.
1992 nissan 240sx (white)


-unknown mileage s14 ka with arp head studs and a mix of s13 and s14 cams to move the powerband up
-ssac turbo manifold because who cares
-sr t25
-sr injectors
-n60 maf
-generic ebay intercooler piping kit
-pbm intake
-blitz air filter
-godspeed radiator w/ sard radiator cap
-exedy stage II 4-puck clutch
-unknown brand o2 housing, downpipe, test pipe, and 3" exhaust because again, who cares
-trust oil filter sandwich plate, no-name oil cooler
-recaro spg driver's seat, sparco rev passenger seat, both on buddy club rails
-grip royal pinky pearl steering wheel, works bell spacer
-proper+ bubble shift knob, circuit sports short shifter
-pink heart tsurikawa passenger grab handle
-re amemiya boost gauge
-apex'i safc
-greddy profec b spec II ebc
-rs enthalpy ecu
-bee*r rev limiter
-fire extinguisher
-some kind of spin turn knob, possibly touge factory. I forget, it's been forever since I bought it
-gutted behind the front seats
-cusco rear strut brace
-fortune auto 500 coilovers
-pbm tension rods/rucas/toe rods/subframe bushings
-welded diff
-sharknose front lip
-dmax style tail lights
-smoked front side marker lights and turn signals
-xcessive manufacturing frame rail reinforcements
-an r32 driver's mirror for my passenger mirror because the knockoff ganadors broke while i've been gone lol
-factory cd player
-sony speakers
-cannot be heard over the exhaust at highway speeds, but perfect for playing taylor swift in the staging lanes

2022 update: the taylor swift cd is jammed in the deck, which no longer works
Wheel and Tire
-ssr mkii in 15x7 +25 and 25mm bolt-on spacer with hankook ventus V2 (straight up garbage)

-work equip 03 in 15x8 +23, +15mm spacer (tires undecided, street wheels)
-ssr mk2r in 15x7 +25 and 25mm bolt-on spacer (tires undecided, track spares)
-hoshino impul g5 in 15x7 +25 and 25mm bolt-on spacer with falken ziex 512s (track spares)
-drag dr20 in 15x7 0 offset, with some cheap tires i don't remember (track spares)
-konig rewind in 15x7 0 offset with falken ziex 512s (track spares)



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