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Cutlass Supreme
Black and Gray two-tone, navy blue, white, primer,
Coupe, 307ci V8
Stumbled across this car by accident. It was a rusty mess, was missing a section of exhaust just behind the cat, had snapped a tie rod, and had smashed into a tree. But I love G-Body GM's and have always wanted one; even though the guy was asking $1000 for it (well above what it was worth), I decided to check it out anyway. Somehow, I managed to talk him down from $1000 to just $400. I fixed the tie rod right there in his driveway, eyeballed the alignment to "good enough" and drove it home later that afternoon. I've been slowly fixing all the little foibles that come with car with 30+ years and over a quarter million miles tends to accumulate. Until the timing chain broke, I had it running like a champ and was ready to start cutting out and patching some of the rust. Now that's going to have to wait.

I took this car along on Roadkill's "Roadkill Takes America" tour in 2015, when they invited fans to follow them from Detroit to Fort Worth. I had to work and couldn't make the whole trip with them, but I did follow them and their motley convoy of fan and crew cars for the part of the journey from Cincinnati to Memphis. Mike Finnegan made a comment that, since they were driving the General Maintenance for the trip, I had "out-Roadkilled Roadkill" with my rustbucket, which at the time had one working door (the passenger door), one working window (not in the same door), a hacked-together amalgamation of exhaust pipe scraps in place of a proper exhaust system (which was loud af because there were no mufflers and which would occasionally drag the ground and shoot up sparks), no driver's side door card, missing grille inserts, literally dropping things out through rusty holes in the floor, and a header panel that was mis-aligned with the passenger fender because I'd replaced header panel but not the dented fender. At one point, I locked my keys in the car and Lucky Costa from Hot Rod Garage and another crew member whose name I forget had to help me break into it by literally reaching up through a rusty hole in the door to disconnect the lock.
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (Black and Gray two-tone, navy blue, white, primer,)


Still has the original Olds 307 burbling about after over a quarter million miles, and the original transmission. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but some previous owner replaced the unreliable computer-controlled two-barrel carb that it came with from factory with a much more reliable, traditional four-barrel one. Stock exhaust manifolds, but it has an EGR and cat delete and the rest of the exhaust is a lazy mess of hacked-together scraps that was meant to just get me by until I can get around to fabbing a proper exhaust, which will come after I sort out the body work, which will come after I get it running again
Bluish gray cloth interior with a matching dash with fake wood grain trim. Front and back bench seats, so it seats six! Except for the missing dome light, the interior is in surprisingly good shape, considering what poor condition the body is in.
Rust, rust, and more rust. It was originally gray and black two-tone, but the paint is so faded and worn that primer is showing through in some spots and there were literal holes in my doors and my driver's quarter panel. I got two junkyard doors to replace them (one blue and one white), but I hadn't gotten around to replacing the passenger one before the timing chain went. Also, the replacement header panel came off the same blue car as the one door and is mis-aligned with the dented fender. It's OK, though, I have another fender to go on once I get it running again; it's white to match my white door XD
The head unit's some ancient, Chinese-made aftermarket piece of garbage that barely works and the speakers were replaced at some point, but were blown long ago. Sounds awful lol, but is less of a priority than the body work it badly needs. Also, the power antenna is stuck down; I'm not sure if the radio isn't wired properly or if the antenna motor is dead, but it gets terrible radio reception.
Wheel and Tire
Oldsmobile Super Stock III wheels of a 1970's Cutlass with a set of 14" Firestones wrapped around them.



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