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1st car I have purchased in 14 years. Honda was suggested for all the reasons everyone knows. And so far they've been right. I think Honda does things way above average. They have cut a few corners here and there. (no glove box light, no led bulbs where there should be some, no ability to update the basic car software on the LX model. However overall, very good.
2018 Accord Sedan (Black)


* Added Orange HONDA Engine Cover
* Remote Start Key FOB purchased and will be having it programmed as a EX Model on first oil change.... (this is coming)
* Added Illuminated outside door sills. Highly recommended and they are fantastic
* Added Courtesy LED Lights to the driver and passenger doors (recommended)
* Added white LED lights throughout the inside
* Added colored LED lights under front dash and driver/passenger seats
* Added Honda silver covers in door jams
* Added the door hinge covers
* Added the glove box light assembly
* Added additional LED lighting in trunk area
* Upgrade Master Tailgater Rear View Mirror with forward and cabin mirror built within. Now the car has (3) fully operational cameras
* Added to illuminated LED rocker control switches. (1) is to turn Fog Lights on. (2) is to turn on mood lighting under dash.
* Added custom brake pad
* Added custom gas pedal
* Added splash guards
* Added Accord Emblems on sides
* Replaced rear deck speakers
* Added LED high beams bulbs
* Added LED reverse lights bulbs
* Added LED bright turn signal lights bulbs
* Added the LED strips to the Rear Bumper Reflectors with a custom wire harness
* Added Aftermarket rear deck wing with 3rd brake light connection
* Installed LED Fog lights NOT AVAILABLE for the 2018 Accord LX trim package
* Added the rear wind louvers
* Upgraded steel 4 point license place with cover
* Added Heated side mirrors from a 2018 EX-L Accord and a control relay
Really proud of the mirror mod, it took tons of time to do right, and finally tested it today!
want to add a sub and amp. the basic car audio is under powered except for general listening. If you replace the speakers only, you will loose your bass because the head unit doesn't supply enough power to make them work.



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