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Mackenzie Carmichael
Accord sport 2.0
I had a 2013 Accord Sport and as soon as I saw that the new one was coming out in red with a turbo 2.0 6spd, I had to get it. I put a deposit down on a car that hadn’t even come out in October 2017 and took delivery of the car in December 2017
I have owned a bunch of Honda’s.

In order

2001 s2000- Only car I’ve ever don 150mph in. Blew it up racing an m3.

1989 Accord Lxi- Got it because the s2000 was blown up. Got it with 190k and ran it to 240k without doing anything to it.

2002 2dr Accord v6- It was a dog but it was also a really nice car with a good body style, but I got tboned by some nitwit blowing a stop sign and it was totaled.

1992 prelude- Cool car. I smoked a Scion tC with the same hp in it, but it was almost 20 years newer. Honda power! Died at 250k

2005 2dr accord 4cyl- good car and it was a 5spd. I traded it in because I was having a kid and the 2013 just came out.

2013 Accord sport- slow but I loved it. Great body style and amazing bang for your buck. I traded it in at 70k for my newest beauty.

2018 Accord sport 2.0- It is the nicest Honda I’ve owned. It is pretty fast, looks amazing and gets looks everywhere.


Gloss black vinyl wrapped chrome on the windows

20% tail light overlays

13% tint on front windows and 35% on the back

Ceramic coated
Wheel and Tire
Powder coated factory sport wheels black


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