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Dark Gray
LX, so NONE!
Bought in 2012 as an off-lease car. DB lease holder must have smoked in it like a wet grass fire as the car stank like hell after the dealer's fake spray wore off.

Key had to have a new battery installed five times in a month. Crappy dealer dragged his foot the whole way. Had to threaten them with a lawsuit to get a freaking new key.

People said of the Gen8 cars with their oil burning issues and the VCT Actuator clattering away like a fork caught in the blades of an in-sink trash disposer and all the other little goodies that Honda was slipping and that for the first time in many years they were having a lot of buyer unhappiness. People were leaving Honda after a lifetime of being customers. I can see why with the crappy car I got.

However, it has now been five years. The car has a buck and a quarter on the odo now. I have a 2015 and LOVE it and this car has become "Car #3" for the two of us. I can now spend time working on it MYSELF and no longer feel compelled to fight with the lame dealership about it.

And that makes me like the car again, suddenly...

I am in the process of getting this car back into our daily rotation after a year of it being the mostly parked backup vehicle. I badly scraped the entire passenger side paint up shortly after we got it. It was my very first time every damaging a vehicle. (My wife is the usual culprit for all our dents and scratches.) I can now repaint cars myself, so this one will get painted a nice, dark red metallic (not sure which one, specifically, yet).

I recently replaced all the rotors and pads, front and rear, all the spark plugs ($80 freaking because it is one of those horrid PZEV cars - never buy one of these unless you live in an area where it is required by law. The spark plugs are $80 and everything seems to be hard to find or very costly for engine work. Lovely... <rolls eyes>

I will tackle the VTC Actuator install this coming month when I have the time.

If I could only solve the burning of two quarts of oil between changes I would be happy. But no. This car's name *ought* to be "Oil Pig" -- thanks, Honda, for fixing this for all of us. Oh, wait. You didn't. I remember, now...

We have learned that oil is consumed much more slowly in this engine if we switch to 10W-30. It works fine, too. We use Mobil1 and the heavier weight seems to play nicely with the rings. The 5W-20 was consumed like candy by this engine when it was new to us. It has never gotten worse. The heavier oil seems to have solved this, though it makes me really uncomfortable running oil this heavy when Honda recommends something else. Oh, well...
2010 Honda Accord (Dark Gray)


Infamous Honda 4 cylinder Oil Consumption Device featuring an Al Gore Boring Automatic Transmission.
(The car actually runs very well.)
Stock AF.
Ugly dark gray. It will be changed one day. Right now it is festooned with a ten foot long scrape to bare steel all down the passenger side on four panels. DOH! Cue Oscar Goldman. "We can repaint it. We have the Technology. We will make it faster, stronger, redder..."
Annoyingly low-tech, stock junk. I am not sure you can install an aftermarket head unit in this dash and not have it look really, really stupid. What a horrible mass of plastic; I imagine that if there is an adapter faceplate that the dash will end up with miles and miles of blank plastic and this itty-bitty head unit in the middle. Hmm, time to do some head scratching on this...
Wheel and Tire
Stock steel rims and plastic covers. I hate dealership tires. Ours were frightening in the rain, and takeoffs frequently resulted in spinning tires. They sucked. I added some very nice grandpa tires that I have been pleased with, so far. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus -- much, much better now. I no longer expect my own death when it rains.



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