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  1. The 10th Generation
    I just did a compression test on my 1.5T 2018 at 120k miles: Cylinder #1 - 195 PSI Cylinder #2 - 193 PSI Cylinder #3 - 197 PSI Cylinder #4 - 200 PSI Looks pretty decent I think given the honda specified minimum of 142 PSI and maximum variation between cylinders of 29 PSI. Has anyone else...
  2. Performance
    Hey everyone, I'm planning to get my car stage 2 tuned with Hondata dealer, but I'm curious about blowing my engine. I know stage 2 doesn't push the limits but still don't want to ruin my car to get more hps. Is there anyone having issues with the tunes and what should I be careful with if I get...
  3. The 10th Generation
    Installed a K&N intake and about to get an S type Borla cat back exhaust kit for my baby. Just started looking at the Hondata FlashPro Accord 2018+ 1.5T, would that be the best choice? Gonna wait some time regardless before attempting to get the tune up. Would appreciate anyone’s opinion, much love.
  4. DriveAccord Classifieds
    Up for grabs is this slightly used AFE Takeda Pro5R Cold Air Intake for a 10th Gen 1.5T Honda Accord. this item is used. new these are around $350 but I’d like to sell this for $275 shipped in the CONUS Item is located in Chesapeake VA a quick vid of it installed Any questions hit me up!
  5. Performance
    I know there are some tuners for Hondas such as Ktuner and hondata, but wondering if anyone has seen the Ham Burger Motorsports tune for Honda's new turbo motors. I had a JB4 along with BMS intakes in my 335i and it was amazing.
  6. The 10th Generation
    Hello everyone, I recently purchased my accord and have been loving it so far. My only concern has been a whistling/hissing noise that, I believe, is coming from the clutch. The noise almost sounds like it's a vacuum leak. The sound occurs when I'm cruising in gear, clutch is engaged, and no...
  7. The 10th Generation
    Is there oil dilution issue or other issues with accord 1.5t engine? Reading from the forum and the web, the 2.0T seems like a much better engine than 1.5T. Of course I want to get the 2.0T manual, but it's out of my budget and the MPG is also worse.
  8. Photo Gallery
    What's up guys, Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of my 1.5T accord to get opinions on it so far. Sometimes I do wish I had gotten the 2.0 but the 1.5 does the trick for now for sure.
1-8 of 8 Results