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  1. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hello, I am very new to the forum. I am sure this has been asked, and I did do some reading on threads, but couldn't find something exact. I am wanting the touring trim line because of the features (wow that sound system sucks though!!!), but I do not want the 19" rims, especially with being in...
  2. DriveAccord Classifieds
    For Sale: 4- 19" Bronze Konig Next rims and tires Bolt Pattern- 5 x 114.3 2 Rims- 19"x 9" +40 F 2 Rims- 19"x 9" +30 R 2 Tires- Cooper 245-40-19 2 Tires- Sumitomo 245-40-19 -The 2 Sumitomo tires are more recent, Cooper tires are more worn. 1 deep scratch in Cooper tire as shown in picture...
  3. The 7th Generation
    Custom Blue/Violet Plasti Dip Air Ride Suspension 19" Genesis Track Wheels
1-3 of 3 Results