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  1. The Early Generations
    Hey you guys! I have a 1995 Honda Accord EX. I have a lot of fluid leaking into my passenger side floorboard so I'm guessing my heater core is out? But rather than taking apart my entire dash to replace it, I'd like to bypass it because I plan on selling it at the end of summer anyway. What...
  2. The Early Generations
    Hi, I've notice some unusual electrical problems with my 95 Honda accord. Like the fog lights only work as turn signals. Some of the other lights turn on when i step on the brake with all the lights off, And i don't mean the tail lights which is normal. I'm talking about things like the...
  3. The Early Generations
    Does anyone know all the locations that a VIN tag should be located on a 5th GEN accord? I know the firewall, and the lower corner of the dash inside the windshield. But where else should there be a VIN number? Thanks for any help
  4. The Early Generations
    Hello, Just purchased a 95 Accord EX 4 cylinder Sedan with leather to replace my wrecked 94, I noticed the ABS light came on and I jumped the codes with a paperclip and filmed it. I have a question about the ABS I think it is a 1-8 and a 2-1 code. Here is a link to the video for the codes...
  5. The Early Generations
    My 95 accord is having acceleration problems. I jumped the OBDI and got the D4 blinking. 14 is the code it is giving. The Check Engine light does not blink at all. Does anyone know what the trouble code 14 is for the transmission? I can't find it in any forum or my Haynes manual.
1-5 of 6 Results