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  1. DriveAccord Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a proportioning brake valve from or out of a 1992-1996 Prelude S. It has to be from an "S" trim as it has to be non-ABS. Part Number is 46210-SS0-003 Looking to use it to complete my rear disc conversion so it must be in working order. Thanks! Received one from a member of...
  2. The Early Generations
    Doing an engine and transmission swap because my tranny took a dump...keeper car doesn't have cruise but donor does. How difficult is it to transfer? What does it entail? Or am I better of looking at an aftermarket cruise?
  3. The Early Generations
    Best place to post before & after pics? The "Early Generations" section? Ok. Thx Hi! My 1996 Accord is in the shop, getting painted. When it comes home tomorrow, I wanted to share a couple of before & after pics. Where would you say the best place on this site (or the 'net?) to post them...
  4. General Drive
    Hi everyone, I will buy my first car ever and because of reliability I want to buy Honda, especially Accord. I have up to $2000 budget, I know it's not much but after checking for months looks like I'm able to buy Accords between years 1994 to 2000. Researching long hours I've seen that models...
  5. The Early Generations
    Hi All. I have a '96 LX (4cyl if it matters). I am wanting to install a Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS in place of my factory radio. I've searched but haven't been very successful on finding information. Is there a double din dash kit for this year, if not, any tips on the install? The only thing...
  6. Modify
    hi yas. i'm new here and hope i'm doing things right. there's a ton of listings and posts and links to click ya know? anyways, to get to the point, i have a 96 honda accord ex. currently getting the clutch assembly and radiator replaced. then to things like getting my left headlight/blinker to...
1-6 of 7 Results