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  1. The 6th Generation
    I really want a turbo for my car or just performance parts besides an intake or an exhaust because i have both. Does anybody know where/ what performance parts i can get for my car? I want to get a couple more parts then tune my car! I really want a turbo for my car or just performance parts...
  2. The 6th Generation
    Hi!, Im having an issue with mt 2002 Accord. LX model 3.0L V6. The drive belt started howling 2 days ago. The next day the belt was loose. So loose it might as well not be on there. I immediately assume either the belt or tensioner is bad. A brand new belt produces same results. It is too...
  3. The 6th Generation
    Does anyone have a link to diagram/procedure for testing the brake switch in an '02? The cruise control in ours stopped engaging - all the other wheel controls work, the cruise light comes on in the dash, but no cruise control engagement. Cable connection at the pulley is OK.
  4. The 6th Generation
    I have 1998 accord v6 and I would like to know how difficult it is to swap the engine and transmission with a 2002 v6 and would I need a 2002 ecm
  5. The 6th Generation
    i finally got the coilovers installed on my 2002 accord after doing the installation i am some what not happy with the results the rear looks lower than the front, the front still has a slight wheel gap but the rear is tucked. When i asked the installer to lower the front more he mentioned that...
  6. The 6th Generation
    Hello everyone! I bought this awesome Accord Coupe V6 02 last year and I love her so much. However, I have some problems that I can't manage to fix. When I start the car on a leveled surface or with the nose facing downwards, I get a bang and it doesn't start smoothly. Also, when I'm idling...
  7. The 6th Generation
    i am looking to get some subs for my accord this week end, i was at first thinking to get 2 12 inch rockford fosgate p1, but now i am thinking twice about those, i think they will be too much bass and might end up rattling everything in my car, am i overthinking it or, what would be a better...
  8. The 6th Generation
    i am upgrading my stock speakers to some aftermarket speakers, i already have a pioneer deck installed. I am just wondering do i really need an amp for my new speakers or can i just install with out an amp? will the sound quality be bad?
  9. The 6th Generation
    i am looking to lower my 2002 accord, now previously i had this car lowered with lowering springs on stock struts, and well it got really bouncy after a while and ruined my struts. Now i am looking to lower it again but don't want to go coil overs, cause it will be a hassle to raise the height...
  10. The 6th Generation
    hi i recently i got my transmission rebuilt, just curious how do i tell my transmission was rebuilt and was not swapped with a used one with high km instead? After looking closely at my transmission in my 2002 accord it seems there is some yellow writing with spray paint that you would...
  11. The 6th Generation
    hello, i have a 2002 honda accord the transmission was rebuilt back in august 2015 due to hard shifts/ i got the check engine light code is p1738. Warranty does not cover this light as the kit that was used to rebuild the transmission did not include this. I have removed the light...
  12. The 6th Generation
    i recently plastidipped my honda, i did not do the whole car, just the roof, and the rims. i painted the roof and rims matte black which give the car a mean look now, i also painted the calipers and the drum brakes red which really stands out with the black paint on the rims, and i had some...
  13. The 6th Generation
    Hello, found myself a nice V6 accord coupe in the classifieds. Went checked it out, drives smooth, and it's been maintained well. It's got 130,000 miles on it, automatic tranny, and fully loaded. In fact, I wasn't even looking for this car, but a corolla or civic. Is this a good purchase for a...
  14. The 6th Generation
    does anyone know the bulb size for the climate control unit, my bulbs burnt out a while ago, and i was wondering what the bulb size is so i can buy it off ebay or something. i searched for the bulb size, but i found no luck does anyone know what is the size?
  15. The 6th Generation
    i'm thinkin of gettin my car seafoamed, cuz im kinda gettin bad mileage,
  16. Problems & Solutions
    (New here, sorry if I posted in wrong forum.) Model : 2002 Honda Accord Odometer : 108K Check Engine light is ON. Scanned with CanOBD2 diagnosis tool. It shows P1166 Ho2S (B2) (S1) Heater Failure. I googled a bit and found out that my O2 sensor is not working. What needs to be done? Oddly...
1-16 of 25 Results