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  1. Photo Gallery
    Late on posting about my car but I recently purchased this car end of 2021 and it has been great. I bought it at 85,500 miles and I’m already at 92,xxx miles 😩 my job requires me to drive a lot as much as I hate it on my baby. Anyways, just sharing my car. So far only oil changes, pvc valve...
  2. The 9th Generation
    Just bought a used 2013 Coupe LX-S 4-6 and it was filled with a bunch of dirt and dog fur so I decided to take the seats out to get a deep clean of the carpets. How to take manual adjusting seats out: 1. Disconnect negative to battery before removing seats so airbag light doesn’t go crazy 2...
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hey guys, I was planning on getting a muffler delete on my 2013 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 and was wondering what size the piping is that leads to the muffler? I wanted to grab exhaust tips as well but i don't know the inlet size for the tips? Thanks!
  4. Performance
    I am a proud owner of a 2013 accord coupe EX-L NAVI Coupe (HFP) I want to do some performance updates on my car in Edmonton. Does anyone know a good place where I can take it to. I searched online for a few, but I feel they are not experienced to HONDA specifically. I went to a place called...
  5. The 9th Generation
    Since there is already a cut out for the 2nd muffler on the 4 cly. coupe, decided to take advantage of it...popped it out and get couple of Magnaflow mufflers and got a shop to create a custom exhaust on to the existing pipes....2.4L sounds a lot more aggressive.
  6. Modify
    Hey this is my first time posting here and I did a quick search and couldn't find anything on this. Just wanted to know if a swap with the shifter and leather boot would be possible. Any of the Acura shift knobs and boots would be better.
  7. The 9th Generation
    Hey guys :wave: I'm new to these forums :blush: I was wondering if there was any suitable Wing Spoiler, with light if any, for the 2013 Accord Coupe, if so, where at? :scratch: And, in your opinion, would it look good on the car? :dunno: Thanks in advance :jumping:
1-7 of 7 Results