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  1. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys. Not a new member here. My old account was deactivated and was unable to log-in, I guess from not logging in for quite some time. Anyway, I'm on the hunt for some brake advice. Car: 2011 Accord V6 6-Speed My rotors are due for replacement, at 117,000 miles (they are original since...
  2. The 7th Generation
    I paid $6,000 for a Transmission Swap from Paul. Here’s my story (NOT a happy ending) First Things First It is my understanding that Drive Accord, as well as any other online automotive forum, is intended for users to share their experiences (both positive and negative) with the members...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    all right guys, i hope anybody can help me. I have a '05 accord ex 4dr. with a tsx tranny swap, i've had no problems since i got it done in april....but now suddenly my car will only shift 1st, 3rd, and 5th, the shifter doesn't want to take the other gears it's like it's spring loaded, when i...
1-3 of 3 Results