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  1. General Drive
    Hi, I just bought a 2003 Honda Accord LX with about 204,000 miles. I brought it to an auto shop to check the fluids and he said that it looks like there's oil buildup on the side of the engine. My mom recommends running a thicker oil (10W-30 INSTEAD OF 5W-20) because it coats the parts better...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    7.5 Gen V6 6MT Coupe I recieved and installed an android head unit for Christmas (I'll link it at the bottom of the post). The head unit is good and I had to not use the green adapter since I have dual zone controls. But I've noticed 2 things 1. At lower fan speeds I can hear a clicking type...
  3. The 7th Generation
    About 3 months ago, I replaced the heater control valve with a genuine Honda OEM part as I was having issues with my car blowing cold air all the time. It was about time considering the car had ~232K at the time. I followed this tutorial to a T and was able to replace the part successfully. This...
  4. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I have a 2004 Honda Accord LX 4cyl 5-speed manual with 210k miles. It's been my daily for several years, very few issues and regular oil changes and general maintenance. Lately, it's been having this issue intermittently when starting. I'd say about 50% of the time it starts normally with no...
  5. The 7th Generation
    I recently bought my first Honda, before this Ive only owned Saturns. I bought it mainly as a daily as I've put too much into my SUV and dont want it to rust out. The Honda accord has 180k miles with the 6 speed manual gearbox. As the title says it misfires every time it runs. I'm guessing its...
  6. The 7th Generation
    Hey all! I just bought my 2006 Honda accord Coup V6 6 speed manual! just thought id say hello!
  7. The 7th Generation
    How are some ways to improve the noise and performance of my vtech ?
  8. The 7th Generation
    Hi! I'm cassy I have a 03 honda accord fed emissions with the 2.4 and a bcla coded transmission. My car just hit 355k and of course the transmission is failing. I've sunk so much into this car over the last 6 years and I want to continue to fix it. So I've been trying to either find a low...
  9. IMG_20220721_172608877.jpg

    Chopped & 3.5L. I might black out the chrome on the trunk.
  10. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, I'm asking this question for a friend of mine. We could not solve his heating issue. His A/C works, all vents blow air and the temperature knob works (you can see the flap moving under the hood when moving the temperature knob). The problem is that there is no heat coming out of the...
  11. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hello there. I have a 2005 Accord EX and I am doing a resto project on it. I am looking to completely replace all of the suspension and am wondering if there is any easy way of knowing what parts to buy. I cant find a diagram anywhere online. LMK
  12. Performance
    I finnished adding the plm J-pipe and 2.5 magnaflow exhaust. One sound clip is of only the j-pipe open exhaust and the other is full exhaust hooked up. I also have Injen 4" cold air (in bumper). I will add another clip and full detailed walk around after I clean it up again. Looking for good...
  13. The 7th Generation
    Hey all, I am new to the forum and have decided to start working on my 7th Gen K Series sedan as a project since I’ve been craving ever since I sold my 99’ Eclipse. My question is... can anyone help me find this bumper? I’m sorry if this is the bumper to a newer generation Honda but google...
  14. The 7th Generation
    Hello all! I am new to this forum (previous car was a Honda Civic haha) and I need help on an issue that I have with my 2005 Honda Accord EX 2.4L. I bought this car recently, and yes, I made the mistake to not have it checked out with a mechanic, I am aware that in doing that, I am making a huge...
  15. The 7th Generation
    Hi everyone, I was attempting to take off my front grille for my 2005 accord. When I try to take off the black cover that holds down the grille I can take the clips off easily, but when I try to take out the screws they just spin in place and don't come out. Can someone help me with this problem?
  16. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hey I own an 05 accord k24a2 swapped sedan. Was wondering if there’s any way to use oem Acura parts to stiffen my suspension up and increase stopping power? I’m new to these cars, recently switched to Honda’s lol
  17. The 7th Generation
    Bought a new knuckle assembly for a 2005 Honda Accord EX 3.0 which included everything the wheel bearing, the hub and the knuckle but it will not fit on the CV axle. Are there different sizes to it or is there an extra step I have to take before fitting it on the car? Thanks in advance.
  18. The 7th Generation
    I was looking for a torque damper, it seems like the Ingall "stiffy" has been discontinued. Does anyone know if this 6th generation NRG torque damper would work on a 7th gen?
  19. The 7th Generation
    I've got a strange ticking sound coming from under the engine on the passenger side. I disconnected the accessory belt, and it didn't go away, so it's not power steering, alternator, etc. It's hard to hear it with the hood open, but very noticeable from the right front wheel well. Here's a...
  20. The 7th Generation
    Has anybody here done the 6MT swap on their 2.4 7th gen Accord? Ive seen this topic on another forum, but wasnt enough info that covered the installation process. I would definitely need the 6 Speed trans from the TSX..But would I need to use the shifter assembly or would using the stock 5speed...
1-20 of 66 Results