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8th gen coupe

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  2. Performance
    Long story short, kit was bought off a fellow 8th Gen owner who was unsuccessful to tune it usinf AEM F/IC. This car is running making 8.13 psi of boost (CT-Engineering HBP) using KTuner. No video's are on YouTube yet. Still finishing out the final fuel map and tune for the car. Some very slight...
  3. Photo Gallery
    Let me know what you think of the setup boys and girls.
  4. The 8th Generation
    im planning on doing a custom y pipe for my 2011 Honda Accord Coupe I4. My cousin is a welder so he could help me put it on but if there are any tips that you guys have when you did a custom y pipe can you please comment them. Thanks!
  5. The 8th Generation
    i want to get an exhaust on my Accord Coupe but i want something that doesn't look "ricey". anyone know of any single exhaust that aren't "burnt tipped"?
  6. The 8th Generation
    So i've been checking my dipstick every 500 miles and seems to be low, My dealership did a software update but it didn't help the oil consumption at all. I am currently at 96K and obviously out of warranty what causes the oil consumption and how can i fix it ? at 91K i replaced the VTC Actuator...
  7. Modify
    I have a 8th gen. I tinted the windows but I am having a hard time deciding what else to do. I was thinking plasti dip the wheels a more darker black. I don't feel like spending too much right now. Any Suggestions?
  8. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    I was just curious if anyone has experienced putting new rims on their 8th gen. accords. My question is simple, when placing on the new set, do you have the constant TPMS light on your dashboard? If so, I understand you can take it to the dealer and get them programmed for your new set, but I...
  9. Photo Gallery
  10. The 7th Generation
    Hi everyone... I was looking to get an opinion from you fine people :thumbsup:. I am thinking of selling my 8th gen and getting a 7th gen instead. Please try your best to hold your "this guy is nuts" and "what is he on?" comments until the end :lmao::lmao: At the beginning of the year, I...
  11. The 8th Generation
    Hello all, I purchased a 2010 Honda Accord Coupe v6 exl with Leather (about June last year). 1) With the car at the age of under a year, the (plastic) seat brace that wraps around the driver's seat snapped off. The dealership decided to fix it by ordering me a new brace and installing it...
  12. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    hey guys, I'm really interested in getting some new headlights with halos installed. I found these while looking around everywhere: Anyone have any experience with these? I'd like to know how they look, if they've had any problems, how easy they...
  13. Audio & Electronics
    Hey everyone, I'm wanting to install some new speakers in my 2008 Coupe LX-S. Everything is still factory, and I'm just wanting to add a little clarity to my sound (muddy mids and highs are starting to annoy me). I'm not looking to break the bank, and I'd like to spend around $100-$125 for...