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  1. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hi everyone! This is my first post ever so I apologize if I make a mistake or break any posting rules. I am here because I have a 2014 Honda Accord but I really want to upgrade the headlights to HID's. Prior to my accord I owned a 2009 Acura TL and a 2003 Acura TL Type-S which both had HID's...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hi Guys, My rear view or back up camera on my Honda Accord Touring 2014 broke. Part number 39530-T2A-A21. Right now I just see black screen with yellow lines on navigation screen. I live in Canada Toronto and looking for replacement. My local Honda dealership is asking CND$294.15 for this...
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hi, I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong forums since I'm new here. So my 2014 Accord EX-L needs an A12 maintenance and I called a couple of dealers to see what it would cost. All 4 of them (two in MD and two in OH since I'll be traveling to and from these two states) quoted me...
1-3 of 3 Results