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  1. The 6th Generation
    Hello there 6th Gen people :cool: Anyone have an opinion on whether I should scrap this or try to extend it? My '99 Accord Ex has 170,000 Kilometers on it. I'm the original owner, though for the last few years someone else has driven it. I turned 70 this year (holy crap) but all being well...
  2. The 6th Generation
    I have a 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 3.0L that Cranks but doesn't Start. Sometimes it sputters like its about to start but then dies. The issue started by stalling every now and then while driving and it would also usually take a long crank to start up. Then I started throwing parts at it.. I ran...
  3. The 6th Generation
    1999 Honda Accord V6 about 2 months ago the heater started to act crazy, blows cold air or maybe it was just air from outside, but did not warm up at all. this would go on for a few days then would work again for a couple of days, then back again. this went on for several weeks until about a...
1-3 of 3 Results