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  1. The 7th Generation
    Hey everyone, I have an issue with my 06 Accord ex v6 as above. I need to find the location of Solenoid B, and see what's wrong with it, but I can't find it under the hood. Wondering if I can get some pointers on where it is and possibly where to get a replacement as quick as I can. Thanks in...
  2. The 9th Generation
    Hello I have a 2016 Honda Accord ex sedan and when I open the trunk with my key it doesn’t go all the way up instead it would open but stay down until I lift it. I was wondering is that normal for this model because my service advisor told me that it’s not suppose to go all the way up.
  3. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Will A 16" Honda OEM Rim/Wheel Fit on My 2010 Accord EX Sedan? EX OEM Size is P225/50R17" Target Size is P215/60R16" - From same year Accord LX Sedan. HuLLOOO?! Any mechs/techs lurking here? Ok, who added "Answer = Yes" to my threads title?
  4. The 9th Generation
    Hello so I just bought my car and a day after owning it some guy rear ends me. Going to need a new bumper, taillight, backup camera. Quarter panel above the rear tire going to need to be banged out or something. Anyway just looking for some advice to what I should ask the shop to look for...
  5. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    When I engage Cruise Control the light will not remain illuminated. I have been looking at replacement part and there are many options .... This is my vehicle .... 2005 Honda Accord EX - 2 door - 3.0 6 cyl - automatic transmission - it does have audio controls on the left side steering wheel -...
  6. The 7th Generation
    EDIT: The meat and potatoes if you don't feel like reading my ramblings below. 1. 17mm bolt took almost a half hour of very strenuous breaker bar action to get the bolt out, finally the DW40 kicked in and it came out around the 2/3rds out mark. 2. 14mm bolt is stuck tight. Can use a breaker...
  7. The Early Generations
    Hey guys, I have a 1996 Honda Accord EX with the 2.2 I4 and my dad just got a great deal on a stock exhaust system and did the whole thing for my birthday, except for the muffler. No holes or anything in it but it's starting to rust and I wanted to replace it anyways. Any good...
  8. The 9th Generation
    I was wondering, is the process of moding single to dual exhaust for coupe is the same as the sedan? Like, do they both share the same parts and the cost of installation and whatnot. Are they the same or different? Also, (off topic) where can I get a good deal for sedan window visors? I saw...
  9. Modify
    Disclaimer*- Title is supposed to be a joke. However, I didn't see anything in the forum rules about being biased toward car colors. THis is my first post. I had two Civics previously, so to me the 2012 Accord is a bona fide luxury car. Nevertheless, I feel the urge to Murder this...
  10. The 7th Generation
    Hello there, when I was removing my spoiler today, I lost both my bolts in my trunk lid. Basically both my bolts are lost in my trunk lid and i cant seem to get it back out. Its lost in theree, can anyone help me get them out?? :'(
  11. The 6th Generation
    I have a 2000 Accord EX V6 4 door. The instrument panel illumination lighting has failed. Dimmer function still works for radio, etc. as do the various gauge / indicators. There is a recall for the LX models having the identical problem: Service Bulletin 04-034. Have EX owners had...
1-11 of 13 Results