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air conditioner condenser
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  1. The 9th Generation
    Last month my started to make a weird noise as I was driving home. It was around 10PM so too late to get it checked out by anyone I knew. Next day, driving to work, car starts smoking as I'm driving and I smell burnt rubber. I open the hood to see the drivetrain belt (?) had somehow snapped in...
  2. The 7th Generation
    Do It Yourself (DIY) Honda Accord 7th Generation Lower Grill Protector Modification- save your Air Conditioner Condenser and "finish" the front end in 5 minutes for $7. Adapted from member "glen e" and his write up for the 8th and 9th Gens (you have to remove the bumper to do those!) Thank you...
1-2 of 2 Results