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alloy wheel

  1. The 7th Generation
    Has Anyone powder coated/painted/plasti-dipped their stock OEM Alloy wheels to black? (7th gen. Honda Accord) Pics, or links if possible? thanks
  2. Maintenance & Detailing
    Hello. I have a 2015 accord sport and was wondering if anyone knows of any good wheel cleaners out there. I always seem to have a hard time getting all the brake dust off and was wondering if wheel cleaners are a good idea. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. Problems & Solutions
    I have a 2004 Accord EX sedan that doesn't seem to be holding air pressure in any of the tires. A local tire shop did have to grind down some rust on the one to make a good seal on the one tire which seemed to help. The car is in Pennsylvania so it has seen it's fair share of snow/salt and...