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audio controls

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    Hello fellow Accord owners, Is there a published list of available voice commands and functionality or use of them? I would find it useful and hope you will as well. 1. Call 2. Read message 3. USB audio ( As far as I can it only works when you list a song to play) 4. 5. 6.
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    to start this little project off I had already purchased a 6 changer radio about 7 months back when my original radio died. The other day my airbag light went on so I figured why not change the clock spring/cable reel. So o went to a junkyard and pulled the cable feel out of a 2006 accord which...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    So I've lived with this problem for over a year till today my cars battery died. After installing the new battery it automatically turned off my radio. The problem is that my radio was always on due to a broken on/off switch (also the volume adjuster). The entire left side of the control panel...
  4. Audio & Electronics
    I have an 03 Accord LX, and I do not have the audio controls in my steering wheel, so the spot where they go in the EX is just covered with a blank plastic panel. Can I add the controls in myself? Does Honda have the necessary wiring already installed? I would like to be able just to buy the...