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aux input
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  1. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hello everyone... My 2010 accord has that good for nothing USB female to non-standard grey colored jack in the arm rest box. The thing is...I want to install a 3.5mm instead. What should I do, Im willing to open up the audio console in the dash if need be. the image shows what is actually...
  2. The 7th Generation
    I installed an aux input over the weekend from USA Spec over the weekend. It worked great for the first 10 minutes and then randomly the display showed EJECT, then flashed to CD6-00, and then went back to CD6-01 and started playing my music again. The more I drove, the more frequent this...
  3. Audio & Electronics
    Hello, new to the site... got a 2001 Honda Accord 5 Speed. So far, I must say I'm diggin' it :) one litttto problem, how the heck can I get an AUX input? MUST PLAY Ipod!! LOL Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance :thmsup:
  4. DriveAccord Classifieds
    I'm turning in my lease and have the following items for sale. If you're in the NYC area I'd be willing to meet and deliver these in person. Prices do not include shipping otherwise. If the prices are too high, let me know. Thanks SOLD 2007 Accord Sedan Gray Weathertech Floor mats (Front...
  5. Audio & Electronics
    I just got a new Honda Accord LX and I want to connect my Sansa Clip MP3 Player to the Aux input jack. What do I need to do that? Thank you.
1-5 of 6 Results