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  1. Performance
    What’s up everyone, So I’m currently running a Borla Axleback with the RV6 j-pipe on my ‘14 V6 Coupe. I like the sound it makes but I feel like it’s a little obnoxious so I’m looking to add the RV6 double resonated midpipe but I can’t find any posts on the forums or any videos of this setup...
  2. Performance
    First of all, I am new to customizing my car so i want to do this correctly... I plan install a Borla Axleback Type S (#11840), which is meant for a 2.4L Sport. I understand that the Sport comes with a dual exhaust system and the Borla is simple to replace since the brackets already exists...
  3. Performance
    Hey guys, I recently just bought a 2016 Honda Accord Sedan Touring and was wondering if anyone knew when the bola axle back for it will be available. Or does anyone know if I buy the 2015 model axle back, will it fit on my accord. thanks, I put some photos up of the car and what I've done to...
1-3 of 3 Results