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  1. The 8th Generation
    Dose anyone know if the v6 test pipe will fit the 4cyl
  2. The 8th Generation
    I just bought a 2010 Accord (180k-mlz) It's throwing code for the cat and o2 censor. I'm out of $ for a job like this. I know it's frowned upon; but I was thinking I should just remove it temporarily so I can drive the car without killing it... I've never removed a cat before and because it's...
  3. The 8th Generation
    I bought the downpipe from RV6 last week and just installed it this weekend. I wanted to make a DIY video but i was under a tight time constraint so I made this instead. 1. Raise the vehicle on a lift / jack stands. Get it high enough to get access to under the vehicle. 2. Remove the...
  4. The 8th Generation
    Hey guys. I've had the idea of removing my cats for awhile now and because summer's around the corner, its time for me to make the decision. I was wondering if anyone here has deleted their cats before? (Yes i know you need them for the emissions test. Yes i know it'll be a hassle to put on and...
1-4 of 4 Results