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  1. The Early Generations
    Doing an engine and transmission swap because my tranny took a dump...keeper car doesn't have cruise but donor does. How difficult is it to transfer? What does it entail? Or am I better of looking at an aftermarket cruise?
  2. Problems & Solutions
    Hi guys i am having a problem with my 1995 accord ex the other day i parked it and i went to go start it today and noticed it wouldnt turn over and i could hear a buzzing noise under the dash. I looked up underneath and noticed it was my main relay that was clicking very fast when its only...
  3. The Early Generations
    i have a 97 accord ls 2.2L that im looking to do work on. first im trying to do an engine swap. my buddy told me japan sells used prelude engines and that theyre relatively cheap. i was wondering if i would also have to change the transmission also and what other work i would need to do along...
1-3 of 3 Results