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  1. Accessories
    Does anyone know where I can find a black one of these? The clips on the back of mine are broken, so I currently have the stereo replacement (for a second deck). I found a silver one, but the original is black and I cant seem to figure out where to find it!:dunno:
  2. The 7th Generation
    I'm seeing if anyone knows what the little jack in the rear of the center arm rest box is. I have a 2004 Accord LX Fully Loaded. Does it have anything to do with the center console or is it something else. let me know . Please and thank you :dunno::dunno:
  3. The 8th Generation
    Teaser pix UPDATE INSTALL PIX!! UPDATED PIX ON POST 21 OPTION 1 SHOULD READ: GOLD LOOKIN GOOD KEEP EM! Hey guys so I got my wheels powdercoated and initially wanted gold but when i tried to change my mind to gun metal it woulda been another 100 bucks so i stuck with gold. Let me know what you...
  4. The 7th Generation
    Hey everyone. I'm a newbie and have been contemplating getting the metal-look trim for my center console. I cannot decide whether to buy used parts and replace the ones I have, or buy through a oem source. I am looking for the center pocket door, not an ashtray area and power outlet, and around...