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  1. The 6th Generation
    2000 Honda Accord DX Manual with 190k miles on the odometer. Had this noise since I got the car in December. It recently just started driving me crazy. Here's a video of the noise. I manually apply throttle to show that the tapping increases with the throttle. However, it seems the noise...
  2. The 7th Generation
    Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? This happens everytime I start the car. It lasts for 1 - 2 minutes. It's not the turn signal. The turn signal has a different sound. There are no warning lights lit on the dash. I am not able to upload a short video clip.
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I have a 2015 Accord Touring and my car making a clicking noise while the A/C is on, over 30mph to about 60mph. As soon as I turn the A/C off the clicking stops. My car has been at the dealer several time now, and they are pretty much clueless at this point. I had the master technician...
  4. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, So the past two days I've noticed a popping or clicking sound in the driver's side rear wheel that happens every few seconds once I've parked my 05 Accord EX (4 cyl). Actually yesterday I was stopped at a light and heard it from inside the car. It just "pops" every 3-4 seconds. I shot...
  5. The 6th Generation
    So, I just installed an aftermarket sound system in my girlfriends 2000 Honda Accord. Ive installed at least 20 systems in my time and am very knowledgeable about the process and troubleshooting problems but this one has me dumbfounded. When wiring in the new deck I had issues with the hazzard...
1-5 of 5 Results