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  1. The 9th Generation
    On 2016 EX-L and V6 models, where exactly is there real leather? Is it on the entire backrest and seat cushion including side bolsters, or only on the center inserts? Armrests? Headrests? Door inserts? Shift knob and steering wheel? Can you use the same cleaner/protector on real leather vs...
  2. Maintenance & Detailing
    I got a couple chips on my Accord (Black Crystal Sapphire color). I ordered Dr. ColorChip (DCC). Are there any rules for washing after you use DCC? My plan is to fix the chips and then wait about 2 hours then give the car a wash and finish up with a spray on wax job. What do you guys think?
  3. Maintenance & Detailing
    I bought my car right before the big snow hit the DMV area. I didn't get a good chance to look the car over because it was snowing on the way back from the dealer. Being that the car is tafetta white, I didn't see anything and it was dark outside. But... When the snow finally left 4 days...
  4. Maintenance & Detailing
    Ok, I spent most of this weekend detailing my car, being I haven't really detailed it and waxed it since I bought the car about 3 months ago. Can't believe how sharp my car looks, it's ready for a car show (takes me back to the days of hitting up 3 car shows a week with all my car buddies...