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  1. The 8th Generation
    So as many of you might know, I lowered my car and got some new wheels. So i bought a J-Power Camber kit and wanted to install it. It was going well until I had to grind one of the bolts off to remove the camber arm, and of course, NO HONDA IN MY AREA had the replacement bolt. It of course had...
  2. Maintenance & Detailing
    So my buddy was selling his car and wanted to make the car look alot nicer before he showed it to the guy he was selling it to. So he brought his car over to me and left it with for for a few hours. This was the finished product after I washed it, dried it, polished, sealed, and waxed the car...
  3. Maintenance & Detailing
    I'm new to the site and I've found some informative info here so thanks! My question is about the detailing materials needed for my car. I've seen Black Fire (BF) and wanted to ask which one of the BF products should I purchase? I have some microfiber cloths already for drying and detailing...
  4. Maintenance & Detailing
    I live in an apartment building in a small town in jersey. No driveway and the cops are jerks about washing your car on the street. I had a previous run in with a hand car wash recently where the scratched my hood trying to remove some dried up bird poop. I'm pretty obsessive about keeping my...
  5. Maintenance & Detailing
    I wanted to exhibit the results I have had with some interior cleaning products I picked up a few weeks ago. The first two pictures (tan leather) are of my front drivers seat. I used Meguiars Rich Leather Aloe Cleaner. This is where I snapped the picture. Afterwards I used the Leather Master...
  6. Maintenance & Detailing
    Whats up everyone, I know there are some people on here from the rockland/orange county NY area, I just wanted to know if any one you guys/girls can reccomend a reliable auto detailing facility I cant take my 8th gen accord sedan to. Thanks in advance
  7. Maintenance & Detailing
    I'm trying to find good products to wash and wax my car. I don't want to take it to a car wash, because I don't want them to use the brushes on my car and have it scratched. Does anyone use products that they would recommend? Thanks Maggie