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  1. Performance
    I have a 2006 Honda Accord 3.0L Sedan and I have been looking for a Cat-Back Exhaust, but can't find any. Do any of you have one that you have found that would fit my car.
  2. The 8th Generation
    Dose anyone know if the v6 test pipe will fit the 4cyl
  3. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I'm looking at installing exhaust tips on my 2013 Accord Sport, I've been looking everywhere and can't find an exact answer to the size of the muffler outlet. I've read anywhere from 2.25-2.873in. I measured myself and got 2.5in. Is 2.5 in the correct OD of my pipe? If so what size...
  4. The 10th Generation
    Hey everybody. So I recently purchased and received the dc sports exhaust for my 2021 2.0t sport. I have been researching and have seen some people say that this exhaust system will actually slow your car down a little. My car is completely stock and this will be my first aftermarket part I...
  5. The 10th Generation
    Im new here, and have a question. Hope it doesn't sound dumb, but I've looked around and haven't found my answer online. I was wondering if it's possible to change the Hybrid Sport Single Exhaust to the Dual exhaust like Non-Hybrid Sport? I like the look of the exhaust tips showing. So yes, I'm...
  6. The 8th Generation
    First off I wanna start by saying I’m new so feel free to link an older thread if this has already been discussed. so I’ve been searching far and wide for a catback on my 2012 LX sedan to no avail, but there are a couple of coupe cat backs I’m seeing for sale still. Will the coupe catback fit...
  7. The 9th Generation
    Just bought a 2014 Accord lx-s coupe. 6spd manual, K24w, 49,000 miles, Black on black. I just had a 2015 civic lx sedan 5SPD manual with custom full 2 1/4 exhaust, intake and flash tune. It was totaled by someone trying to get in my lane. I loved that car. This I think I'm going to love even...
  8. Performance
    I added a K&N Typhoon 69 Cold air intake, it changed the engine sound tremendously, but i’m looking for a little more sound and pop. Any recommendations?!
  9. The 9th Generation
    hello everyone, so I have a 2013 accord coupe ex with a 2.4L I was wondering what're are your guy's suggestions on an aftermarket exhaust? any suggestions would help :) thank you! .
  10. The 9th Generation
    Hey guys. I’m new here, and I just got a 2017 accord lxs coupe and was looking for exhaust systems and found everything a bit overwhelming. I’m new to the whole Honda scene and not sure what will fit anyone have any advice as to a decently priced cat back system? Any help or advice will be...
  11. Performance
    I drive a 2008 Honda Accord v6 sedan. I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust but I can only find set-ups for the coupe version of the car. Does anyone have any recommendations or if there are any set-ups compatible???
  12. Modify
    I have a 2015 Honda Accord Sport. As of right now, I have the stock downpipe (which has the first catalytic converter), megan racing resonated test pipe (which deletes the 2nd catalytic converter), stock resonator, then muffler deletes. I am wondering if my test pipe is illegal and how much...
  13. Performance
    2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L v6 Alright so since I'm new here I can't post links. I bought 2 of the "MagnaFlow 11225 Exhaust Muffler"s and it looks like I'll need to do some cutting and welding if it even fits on right. I think 11225 is size 2.25 and the Accord is 2.5 Saw some videos and might...
  14. The 9th Generation
    I originally posted another thread about having trouble finding a catback exhaust, but I didn't see it posted so I'm just posting a new one just in case. Basically, I've been looking online for catback exhausts but none have shown me that they DEFINITELY fit on my 2016 Honda Accord Sport...
  15. The 8th Generation
    Hey guys been lurking around here for a while now before I picked up my 8th gen, I scored a 09 6-6 coupe with 74,000 miles, super excited about building this car, and its my first manual, anyways this thing NEEDS an exhaust for my needs, so far i've pretty much decided to go with the pcd/j pipe/...
  16. The 7th Generation
    I just got my hands on an 07 accord v6 and I'm going to try to mod it. Exhaust systems, air intake, etc.. I have a very limited budget so not totally sure what I should do first. What do you guys think? I'm looking for a bit louder sound so I'm thinking exhaust. (It's an automatic transmission...
  17. The 8th Generation
    Hi, Im new here i just bought a 2008 EX-L 3.5l and I'm wondering what the best exhaust for the car is?
  18. The 6th Generation
    I recently got myself a 1999 honda accord Lx. 2.3L vtec engine. I was wondering what was peoples preference on a Cold Air Intake And Exhaust system. What are some good CAI that actually put out power that you've noticed? Ram or no ram? Looking for a exhaust with preferably 3 inch outlet no...
  19. The 9th Generation
    Since there is already a cut out for the 2nd muffler on the 4 cly. coupe, decided to take advantage of it...popped it out and get couple of Magnaflow mufflers and got a shop to create a custom exhaust on to the existing pipes....2.4L sounds a lot more aggressive.
1-19 of 25 Results