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  1. Performance
    Just recently picked up a 22 Accord 2.0t. Looking into exhaust options im torn between Thermal RD or Remark. Sadly I cant find many videos of Remark outside of their promo video. Anyone in here running this exhaust that can give their opinion or post some clips?
  2. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, I had an exhaust leak near the flex-pipe. Guy at the shop put on a new flex-pipe and new catalytic converter. Check engine light came on while on the way home. I cleared the P1157 code. Shortly after, the same code came back. Is this normal? Will it go away on its own? What should I...
  3. Performance
    Whats up guys, i got a cm5 accord. I got an ebay muffler and a leak where the flex pipe connects to the exhaust. When i hit 6300-6500rpm And lift off the throttle i shoot a flame. Around 3k-3700 in deceleration i get pops and burbles no flames. Yes its a manual 5 speed. ( November 14, 2022 )...
  4. The 7th Generation
    All my current mods electric cut out exhaust j pipe and p2r turbo kits news 🔥
  5. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I'm looking at installing exhaust tips on my 2013 Accord Sport, I've been looking everywhere and can't find an exact answer to the size of the muffler outlet. I've read anywhere from 2.25-2.873in. I measured myself and got 2.5in. Is 2.5 in the correct OD of my pipe? If so what size...
  6. Performance
    Hey yall, im looking to improve the sound quality of my exhaust and make it louder on my 2013 accord coupe 6-6. I need some help deciding even after researching through this site for hours. Let me know your thoughts based on my different options and preferences. Id want it to make noise under...
  7. The 8th Generation
    I was wondering if anyone had any parts they could link for a test pipe for the 8th gen accord 2.4L I4. I keep seeing the megan racing test pipe for the v6 but nothing for the I4's. Also any performance mods i should look into? Right now it's on stretched 18's and D2 lowering springs. Has a...
  8. The 6th Generation
    Hello, I'm new here and the car scene in general. I got my 2001 1.8i Honda Accord 2-3 months ago and I'm interested in an exhaust muffler - but the problem is as I'm fairly new I have no idea how to measure and find something that fits my car that requires no/minimal welding or adjustments. I...
  9. DriveAccord Classifieds
    Need an oem exhaust for my EX accord. Thanks. Located around Orlando, FL!
  10. The 7th Generation
    No problems when I started work but when I went to leave and started the car the exhaust was ridiculously loud. I have never modified it but it sounded like I tried. Sounded like it was coming from the front of the car as well. The engine light is steadily glowing. Still able to drive and...
  11. The 7th Generation
  12. The 8th Generation
    First off I wanna start by saying I’m new so feel free to link an older thread if this has already been discussed. so I’ve been searching far and wide for a catback on my 2012 LX sedan to no avail, but there are a couple of coupe cat backs I’m seeing for sale still. Will the coupe catback fit...
  13. Performance
    I recently installed the rv6 pcd’s and i been getting a strong gas smell along with some cel codes like p0135, p0155 and p0498. I have all the gaskets installed on my guess was there could be a leak somewhere or the defoulers i also heard those might need to be adjusted but it came with a...
  14. The 7th Generation
    Alright guys and gals, you ready to read my hopeless dream of building a race car out of an accord? So basically over the last winter my 2007 Honda Accord EX (her name is Betzy and will be referred to as such) sustained some moderate body damage, front bumper is hanging off and door has a...
  15. The 7th Generation
    Hello, I have a ticking noise that I simply cant figure out. At first I thought it had to be an exhaust issue ( when I have my window down at a drive through the ticking is very loud against a brick wall) but after looking around the issue it seems the sound might be coming from the...
  16. The 8th Generation
    Hi I'm new around here and overall new to cars. I just got a 2009 Accord Coupe and was wondering if a.) a magnaflow muffler would sound decent and b.) what size inlet diameter and length would I need for it to fit the stock exhaust system? Any advice would be appreciated:)
  17. Performance
    I have been looking to buy the Borla catback exhaust and have seen several videos, but all of them seem to be from the exterior of the vehicle (understandably so). However, I'm curious on how loud it is on the interior when revving and also while driving 80mph on the interstate. If I were making...
  18. Performance
    I just joined this and I’ve had the accord for a year now. Just wanted to show everyone what I got and get some opinions on the car. I’m pretty disappointed with the hate in the j35z2 on this forum, I’ve seen people claim it’s hard to get 300 wheel from a N/A j35, which is easy to get with fbo...
  19. The 10th Generation
    I'm currently looking for some nice rear diffusers for my 2018 accord but I can't find many, can anyone me link to some please.
  20. The 9th Generation
    Hey everyone! Does the dual muffler/exhaust of a 17' accord fit on the 2013-2015 models? I swapped the OEM for a borla 11949 The Part # is 18307-T2G-A61 for reference
1-20 of 135 Results