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fuel additive
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  1. The 10th Generation
    I have few month old 2020 Accord Hybrid that's been pretty much parked in the garage since the start of the COVID-19 quarantine at the beginning of March, so the fuel is around 45 days old already, and it's probably at least another few weeks (if not longer) before quarantine is lifted and I'll...
  2. The 6th Generation
    I have a 2000 honda accord 3.0 v6, let it sit for a while with little gas and dead battery, replaced the battery and the spark plugs, put gas in it and it ran for a day and when i got home it wouldnt start back up... it turns over, battery is good, starter is good and i need to sell it asap to...
  3. The 7th Generation
    Hi guys, I recently bought some Lucas Oil Upper Cylinder Lubricant and injector cleaner at O'reilly. Just wanted to know if any of you have ever used it on your car and if so would you recommend it, did you see a difference in power and or fuel economy? Could it potentially harm my engine some...
1-3 of 3 Results