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  1. The 9th Generation
    Hey DA, just wanted to know what you guys thought of my new grille. I do love the factory one, but decided to jazz it up and order a new one and order a new badge with it. I think it turned out kinda cool. Reminds me a bit of the civics
  2. The 9th Generation
    Hi Looking to install the aftermarket JDM grille (see pics from JDM below - link also attached). I am unsure if I should proceed or not - due to fit/look/value. Your input is much appreciated. Any other grille recommendations for accord 2015 sedan? I have: - Accord Sport 2015 (sedan)...
  3. The 9th Generation
    I was looking to use vivid high gloss vinyl wrap on the front grille. I know I can easily pop them out and take two days to wrap the covers and bottom grilles. Knowing that rain and other elements will slowly fade the gloss black. Can paint shops specifically paint the black plastic accents or...
  4. The 10th Generation
    Gloss Black or Matte Black ? Got A Picture ? How You Like It? Has It Kept Up? Anything Else To Add, Please Do. Looking To Do This Soon.
  5. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I have a Black JDM badge for the Accord Sport 17 grille, but I want to know how to remove the original chrome badge from the front grille safely. Thank you
  6. The 9th Generation
    Playing around with photoshop and created this. What do you think?
  7. The 9th Generation
    Hey guys, I'm new here and recently purchased my first accord. Before I go out and make a rash decision, I wondering if anyone had any recommendations about purchasing a custom grille and any thoughts on after-market grilles. So far, I have checked CarID and Ebay/Amazon. CarID was pretty...
  8. The 9th Generation
    I'm looking to vinyl wrap my grille since I do not like the look of plasti dip. Who here has their grille wrapped? Few options I am considering: -Gloss metallic black wrap to try and get as close to the paint color as possible -Using tail light tint film to get a dark chrome look -3M Gloss...
  9. The 9th Generation
    I've seen a few members post in the past about removing the front H emblem but I don't recall if they said whether the bumper had to be removed, or if they just simply took off the plastic duct (clips under the hood) and were able to get it from there, with out removing the entire bumper...
  10. The 9th Generation
    plasti dipped the chrome accents on the grille this afternoon...deciding on whether or not i should also dip the chrome on the bottom part of the front bumper as well...
  11. The 9th Generation
    Had the 2 chrome pieces on the grille painted black Color Matched the door handles to the rest of the car, modern steel metallic
  12. The 9th Generation
    Hello. I was wondering if anyone has the upgraded sport grille for their accord sedan? I would like to see some pics of what it looks like before buying one. Thanks for the help.
  13. DIY
    Finally had my first experience with plastidip. I intended on the first shot being garbage but I must say I am thrilled with the results :D the car was all red when i got it from the previous owner, def felt like it needed some contrast of colors. the black is obviously after. what a great...
  14. DriveAccord Classifieds
    A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.): 2008-2010 OEM Accord sedan Chrome grille with chrome strips overlay. B. Condition: Used for 15,000 miles. The grille is still in great condition without any broken tabs, nothing is broken. Has been sitting in garage for years once it was removed...
  15. The 7th Generation
    I am trying to figure out if anyone knows if an 07 accord coupe lower grille would fit on a 07 accord sedan. Note this is the lower grille and im wondering if the dimensions are the same. Thanks !
  16. The 8th Generation
    same as title...just wondering if this grille fits my 10' honda accord 4dr sedan... even though it said it wont fit on the website... i saw some people still install the similar one on their 09 accord... i will be thankful if some one can answer my question... here is the link...
  17. The 7th Generation
    SO I'm pretty sick of my stock 05 Accord EX i4, all I have is new rims and rear half tints. I looked around and found a nice front bumper lip and a nice grille. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with these two companies(Bayson R and RI-TRENZ) and if you have any other companies...
  18. The 7th Generation
    Been a while since i've done anything to the car worth noting so thought i'd write up a quick how-to on my grille mod i did this weekend.:banana: I know that you can buy grills that look like this but I prefer the poor mans method since im in the "college student" shoes :biggrin: Only parts...
  19. The 8th Generation
    Past couple months the NE has been getting slammed with more snow than average. A couple times I found myself getting caught in these blizzards. Each time I've had to clear my lower grill of snow as it's been getting clogged up with snow/ice. To those of you with the Home Depot gutter guard...
1-19 of 24 Results