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  1. Modify
    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 2000 Accord LX with an f23a1 and 5 speed manual. I’m wanting to do some engine mods to squeeze some more power out, but the car just turned over to 200k miles. Should I rebuild in order to boost it? I’m hoping to make at least 250ish hp with a turbo and e85, but...
  2. Other Honda talk
    Hello everyone I have a ULEV F23A4 engine and automatic transmission 4 door lx 6th gen Accord 160,000 miles. I want to swap the engine for a H22 engine, I want to keep it as an automatic transmission too. but I am not sure where to start and what to get to complete this project. this will be a...
  3. The Early Generations
    Please SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Thanks! :banana:
  4. The 7th Generation
    Hey learned much offered none new member and need more info has anyone h22'd a 7gen accord coupe I have a v6/6spd with a f'd engine instead of fixing that unmodifiable pile of a j series I figured more power could be had from a four on boost Any help?
  5. The Early Generations
    Hi everyone. I spend most of my time on the 8th gen board, but I have recently completed my mods on it (almost at least). Now on to my past/future project... Before I bought my '09 smr coupe, my daily driver was my 1995 accord ex auto sedan. The tranny broke, bought the 8th gen, & now my 5th gen...
1-5 of 5 Results