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  1. The 9th Generation
    So from my earlier post I indicated my 2014 sustained some pretty good hail damage. I finally picked my vehicle up from a known reputable PDR repair place and inspected it closely - is this normal? The hail spots are all gone and looks great, but the way the work was performed makes me wonder...
  2. The 9th Generation
    So just one payment into my new 2014 and fewer than 1,000 miles my vehicle got some pretty gnarly hail damage with the Texas storms that just wrapped up. Hail on body lines, roof, cracked sunroof, trunk, broken light, etc. Given that I've never being through a hail damage claim not quite...
  3. The 8th Generation
    hey guys, been awhile since i've been here but decided i should get some input from the citizens before i pulled the trigger... does anybody here have any suggestions / advice (besides parking in a garage/shaded area) on car covers to protect our cars from hail?? ive seen a...
1-3 of 4 Results