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  1. The Early Generations
    my car has a constant ticking noise when running and increases with acceleration. From my understanding this car does not have lifters, instead it has springs, and I wanted to know if this noise is common or normal? The car seems to run fine and accelerate fine, but the ticking really bothers...
  2. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Hi everyone, I had a question about my 2014 Honda Accord. I have tried researching and I can't find what the problem could be. My car makes a big clunk sound when I let go of the brake pedal and the car starts moving forward. It's as if something gets stuck when I come to a complete brake, so...
  3. Problems & Solutions
    Hi thanks for reading this, I have a 03 LX 4 cylinder accord and just found these set of wires dangling under my car and can’t quite place them to what they control. All lights work, radio sometimes work, brakes work, ac controls works, so I’m stumped.
  4. The 8th Generation
    I'm looking to replace an oil pan from a salvage motor k24 in my 2009 accord. The process would be seemingly straightforward but the only instructions I find are separate strategies for reaching a few of the bolts near one of the control arms. Can anyone help clear up this confusion with...
  5. The 9th Generation
    Got into an accident today- a huge shuttle side swiped me coming from behind me and tried to go around me because they couldn’t slow down fast enough. Is it totaled or fixable? no damage to the interior of the car just the two doors, tire and back of the car by the light.
  6. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Hello, this is my first post here. I crashed my 2009 Accord ex-l, not too badly, so i’m gonna be replacing the front bumper with a v6 bumper because as far as i can tell my accord already has the fog light connectors. The bumper i have already has the lights from a v6 on it with a wire that...
  7. The Early Generations
    Hey guys i´ve bought 2 93´accord that came from germany, one starts but has a bad starter motor, but the other wont start. It cranks but wont pump fuel. When you Connect the battery the fuel pump seems to prime. Anyone know where to start looking? I have no idea where to start and not many...
  8. The 8th Generation
    I'm looking at buying this part for my 8th gen accord coupe: aFe - Sprint Booster It claims to give up to 60% better throttle response and I wanted to know how legitimate it is. Just looking to make my car a little more fun to drive.
  9. Problems & Solutions
    2018 Accord sport 30k miles and I spot this rust starting. Annoyed. Any advice on how to tackle this as all the local body shops are busy.
  10. The 8th Generation
    Hey guys, my car has been sitting for the last 3 months or so while I was driving my winter beater. When starting it up for the very first time today the car has a very bad intermittent surging idle (jumps from 2k to 1k rpm then back up to 2k), also when being driven around or sitting at a...
  11. The 6th Generation
    Hello, I'm new here and the car scene in general. I got my 2001 1.8i Honda Accord 2-3 months ago and I'm interested in an exhaust muffler - but the problem is as I'm fairly new I have no idea how to measure and find something that fits my car that requires no/minimal welding or adjustments. I...
  12. The 7th Generation
    I have an 03 accord ex 2.4L 5spd manual and whenever im approaching a stop and i take thr car out of gear the rpms dont drop to an idle until the car stop’s completely. Ive had a mechanic replace tps. did not fix it says i need a new computer and honda dealer told me new throttle body. saw...
  13. Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Do that rear bearings just bolt on
  14. The 9th Generation
    My wife’s 2014 accord is making a vibrating noise as if the tire is out of balance (recently had all tires balanced due to this, issue persists) and a droning noise at 40-45 mph and about 80 mph. Been researching and sounds like a bad bearing. Anyone ever driven a significant distance on a bad...
  15. Performance
    I was looking to buy the RV6 jpipe for my 2010 accord coupe but it’s been out of stock for a while now and I’m looking for alternatives for pipes that could be used on it, any help would be appreciated.
  16. The 7th Generation
    My Catalytic converter was recently stolen i have a 2005 Accord EX 2.4l i just wanted some information on which aftermarket converter would be legal in NY. The EFN number is 5HNXV02.4ECV I'm also attaching a picture of the vehicle emissions information sticker Thanks for your help
  17. The Early Generations
    I am fairly new to all this stuff, I want to learn and am trying to find places to learn. Not the point but if you have good resources to just learn that would also help. The point is I am trying to drop my transmission to replace my broken clutch. Me and my cousin are having problems knowing...
  18. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    Is the factory radio ok to use with a dsp such as a audio control dq61 ( i think thats it) or will it limmet the sound response quality ect. Or will I be better off going aftermarket?
  19. The 9th Generation
    Hello, I bought a used 2014 Honda Accourd from a dealer. The dealership washed the engine so when I inspected it I didnt see any leaks. When I took the car home a few days after I noticed a leak on the side of the engine. Has anyone had this problem before or knows what it is? Photos are...
  20. The 7th Generation
    Hi, my car isn't able to start. I recorded the audio: The car fails to start successfully. I am able to turn the key to use the radio, etc. Windows do go down when car is off. Battery was replaced within the past two months. The car start is about a year old or less. I have tried jumping...
1-20 of 35 Results