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  1. The 9th Generation
    I purchased the entire ground effects kit from They came painted and ready to bolt on. Took it into my local dealership for install this morning. Ran into an issue with the rear kit, it was missing the plastic template so CollegeHillsHonda is overnighting to me so I can...
  2. DriveAccord Classifieds
    i am dying to put theese 19's on my accord. but everywhere i look on line is rediculous expensive. any one know of anybody selling all 4 with or with out tires, new or used, with out shafting me on the price? im readyto buy if the price is right.
  3. Drive Accord Polls
    This poll is for my personal interest (curiosity speaking) to see what everyone thinks...I am pondering ordering up in the next couple of months the front HFP bumper for my '06 White coupe ... What does everyone think?
1-3 of 3 Results