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  1. The 10th Generation
    I have a 2019 Honda Accord Sport and I have never seen this issue come up before with any of my other cars but the rats have gotten through! I went to the dealer where they quoted me close to $2k-$3k for this issue, granted they probably wanted me to change the whole engine harness. To my...
  2. All cleaned up and nowhere to go.

    2016 Accord Sport SE
  3. Photo Gallery
    Hi all, I just purchased a 2014 accord coupe. I have always wanted one and I’m very happy with the purchase. I would like to increase HP and add a nice exhaust (something quiet at Idle but roars at high rpm). Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Honda Bat Mobile

    Plasti Diped the stock silver rims. Painted brake calibers yellow Added yellow writing in tires Batman front license plate Batman symbol in 4 head rest
  5. The 8th Generation
    Alright guys. So my post was deleted for swearing so I’m going to try again. I have an 8th gen Accord coupe v6. I know I’m probably going to be called a ricer but like it says in the tittle, I want to make my Accord backfire more. I currently have a muffler and resonator delete and it backfires...
  6. The 8th Generation
    I have a 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinder with 104k miles and recently had it taken to my mechanic because it stalled out on me on the road. My mechanic cleaned my throttle body and replaced the battery terminal because it was cracked. Since then, about two weeks, my RPMs have been running very...
1-6 of 6 Results