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  1. Performance
    Which in your opinion is the best tuner for the K24w? So almost a hundred people look but no cold outside here.
  2. The 10th Generation
    Installed a K&N intake and about to get an S type Borla cat back exhaust kit for my baby. Just started looking at the Hondata FlashPro Accord 2018+ 1.5T, would that be the best choice? Gonna wait some time regardless before attempting to get the tune up. Would appreciate anyone’s opinion, much love.
  3. The 10th Generation
    I have done a good amount of searching but I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer, but I am being a little cautious. I have the stock 2020 Sport 1.5 and want to know if the Ktuner would do much for my car. For the most part, I'm looking for improved acceleration. I see the test...
  4. Performance
    unused thread
  5. The 7th Generation
    Hey, I have a 2004 Honda Accord LX. 2 door coupe, 5 speed manual. K24A4 engine. Just did a full cat back exhaust system, and it sounds amazing! I would love to tune it, and I have a buddy who uses Hondata. The only thing is, is this car, mostly the 7th gens, don't really have ecu's that are...
  6. Performance
    Hey all. I got a 10th Gen (2018) 2.0t 6MT with a Hondata stage 2 flashed ECU. Just put in a Injen SP1687P cold air intake. Does anyone know if I need to re-tune? If so, is there a map i can download or a resource I can view in order to change the mapping? Thx!
  7. The 7th Generation
    Hey guys, i find myself back here agian. I got some questions regarding K-pro for the k24... #1 Where da fuq do ibuy it?! i can't find retailer anywhere. #2 Are the benefits worth it? what does it even change? #3 whats the install like, and is it a direct fit & go? #4 Do i need supporting...
1-7 of 7 Results