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  1. Performance
    Hello all I have spent some time checking out the forums and the lemon factor on YouTube but I was wondering if anyone has put a decent bit of mileage on a tuned 2.0? For context I drive about 20k a year and I have a 2019 touring with a little over 85k on it, I like most who opted for the 2.0...
  2. Performance
    I have a 2022 Accord 2.0T Touring. Just bought the Ktuner V1.2 and did all sorts of research on which tune most people recommend. Right now I’m leaning towards the stage 2 duel tune 1 but I have questions about the quick enables (throttle response, spool speed etc) because that’s where I’m...
  3. DriveAccord Classifieds
    Never used as I kept debating if I was going to keep my 2022 Si. Traded that in for a CPO 2.0t Sport which is plenty fast. Downloaded ktuner just to prove it's not locked. $400 shipped
    $400 USD
  4. Performance
    I'm sure there already is a post/thread on this but I've been getting questions on this swap so I figured I'd make a write up post/thread of my past K24A2 swap in my 2003 Accord DX. If you have a the K24A4 and DBC (Drive By Cable) from factory in your car already, usually from years 2003-2005...
  5. Performance
    Can tc.pressure work to show psi from a supercharger on ktuner???
  6. The 8th Generation
    So i got ktuner for my accord and i got rv6 j pipe and intake and i wanna load the tune for the j pipe but it’s also for pcd’s and i don’t have those. What would happen if i loaded that tune? Would my cats blow??? If so how long would it take for all the cat material to blow out of it lmao would...
  7. Performance
    Looking to get a KTuner for my car but I'm kinda worried. It's a 2017 Accord Sport SE 2.4 i4 CVT with just over 100,000mi and the transmission is sort of whiny and jerky sometimes. Is tuning this car a bad idea? Regardless, what are some options?
  8. Performance
    Hey guys I’m new to modding my accord. I just ordered and installed the PRL HVI and looking to get a Ktuner Stage 2 next week. Besides that, what else should I look into getting?
  9. Performance
    Hello, I was just wondering if KTuner is compatible with an 8th gen accord LX with a K24Z2 mated to a 5sp AT. I'm looking for a bit more power.
  10. The 8th Generation
    I tried looking everywhere but could only find generic answers like 'bad gas' and such. I have a 2008 Accord 6MT on the KTuner 91+ tune, and I can't get knock control below 1 for the life of me! I almost never get a knock (maybe 1 a day), even during hard driving. I've tried Shell 93 and 87...
  11. Performance
    I have a V6 accord and i have a V2 Ktuner and im wondering if any off the shelf maps exist for the car? it comes pre loaded with about 2-3 maps to flash but bc they come from factory i know they are still very tame tunes compared to what an outsider company paired with ktuner can do. has anyone...
  12. The 9th Generation
    Okay, so I have a 2013 honda accord v6. I have ktuner but i only use it for the improved shifting atm. I’m pretty new to this so i have some questions. 1- Do i need an after market exhaust for burble tunes or if not how i could i achieve a burble? 2- what a some tunes that i could do that could...
  13. The 9th Generation
    Just a few new mods that I have done in the past few months. Takeda AFE intake stage 2. 100k HID fog light kit Muffler and resonator delete Ktuner v.1 with my own custom tunes, popcorn, burble, and 93 octane. Rain deflectors Ordering rims and tires next, then suspension. Can't figure out...
  14. Performance
    I have a 2008 accord coupe v6 auto and when I go to create a basemap, it shows the cvt i4 2015-17 accord as the only option. Is there a way to fix?
  15. The 8th Generation
    Hello all! I have a 2012 Accord Sedan that is almost full bolt on. I've owned it for a couple years now and noticed that on the Stage 2 Base map from K-Tuner, my transmission seems very aggressive compared to other Automatics I've driven. It downshifts when coming to a stop feel alot more...
  16. Performance
    Which in your opinion is the best tuner for the K24w? So almost a hundred people look but no cold outside here.
  17. The 10th Generation
    I have done a good amount of searching but I'm having a hard time finding a definitive answer, but I am being a little cautious. I have the stock 2020 Sport 1.5 and want to know if the Ktuner would do much for my car. For the most part, I'm looking for improved acceleration. I see the test...
  18. Performance
    Hi everyone, question, I’m getting my accord finally tuned with ktuner and dynoed and I’ve been researching the forms, I’ve noticed a lot of guys talk about dwb settings and the transmission (quick shift)settings, apart from that what else should I tell the tuner to look at, especially that it’s...
  19. Performance
    Accord 2.0T Extended Testing ? ктuпeг, LLC An amazing amount of info here that I copyed and paste from the website, lots of can follow the link for the whole sales ad but i'll post some highlights use at your own risk we are not reponsible if you blow your engine or...
  20. Performance
    Hey all, I have a 2008 2.4L EX-L coupe that currently has a CAI and I'm looking for a future upgrade with the RV6 downpipe. Is a tune necessary to see performance and/ or MPG gains? If so I'm looking to purchase a KTuner v1.2. P.S. Is there a sound difference in the exhaust with the downpipe? I...
1-20 of 34 Results