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  1. Accord Hybrid 9th Gen
    Hi all, I really need some ideas here. I have a '17 Accord Hybrid Touring w/ about 47k miles on it. Along with all the very annoying Apple CarPlay issues everyone else has had, there is a new issue happening. Within the last year, it has started when I start the car intermittently I get...
  2. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    My wife has a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L. Her lane watch camera had great quality up until this week. She took the car in for maintenance work. They replaced the LDW camera and updated the media software for an issue she was having with the radio. After that work was done, her lane watch...
  3. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I have a 2013 Accord Sport I want to install the Left and Right LED side mirrors from EX, EX-L and Touring Models, Don't really care about the lane watch camera just want the turning signals to work, I looked at the schematic's for the mirrors (Touring/Sport) and they almost look the same, I was...
1-3 of 3 Results