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    I'm starting to see these Lexus LS style LED tail lights pop up on ebay. Much better looking than the Eagle Eye versions IMHO. They do not have a brand and ship from China which make them suspect to me. Probably not DOT approved, but curious if anyone has tried them or have any opinions...
  2. Vossen Wheels
    "Darth Boss"| Lexus LS 460 Sport | 22" CV3 | Matte Graphite A proper flagship vehicle is the pinnacle of automobiles for most people. There are those that require more from their flagship and wishes they had a more sporting look and flavor to it to mix with the unparalleled luxury they are...
  3. Vossen Wheels
    Enjoy this latest video featuring our Vossen Project GS
  4. Vossen Wheels
    Its always great to give an auto forum member some well deserved shine! Check out the video below featuring Clublexus member MercuryISF featuring you guessed it, a Lexus IS F! If you haven't seen his huge 20 picture photoshoot yet, you can by clicking this link or any pic below! If you...