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  1. The 9th Generation
    Just bought a used 2013 Coupe LX-S 4-6 and it was filled with a bunch of dirt and dog fur so I decided to take the seats out to get a deep clean of the carpets. How to take manual adjusting seats out: 1. Disconnect negative to battery before removing seats so airbag light doesn’t go crazy 2...
  2. Photo Gallery
    Hi all, one of my first posts here on the forums so sorry for any formatting errors/rule breaking I'm unaware of. I've learned so much from you all in the past 7 months that I've owned this car and am very grateful to everyone here. I'm happy to finally be joining in on the conversations. This...
  3. Performance
    I own a 2011 Honda Accord LX-S and am wondering about what kind of performance mods I can do to my car. Anybody know what my limits are? I have heard that I can't do anything, but have also heard I can get almost 600hp on it. Thanks for the help
  4. The 9th Generation
    Hey guys, just bought my first car - the 2015 LX-S coupe, a couple weeks ago (under 1k miles) and I've been hearing a light high pitch whistle when I accelerate in the 30-40 mph range. Once it's out of that range the sound goes away. It's also audible when I decelerate from that speed range...
  5. Audio, Electronics & Lighting
    I'm pretty much a rookie when it comes to all of this stereo/sound system stuff so I could use advice from A-Z. I need some advice on upgrading my stock speakers. I have a 2013 Accord Coupe LX-S. What I want is a louder, cleaner, crispier sound, perhaps even an amp with a subwoofer for when i'm...
  6. The 8th Generation
    I wanted to know which you think would be the best option for me for a exhaust setup. Should I get two MagnaFlow exhaust 14832 and a Lawson Y pipe inlet 2.25 for my 08 Accord Coupe LX-S to give it a dual exhaust look? And for those who have the same setup, can you give me your feedback? Any...
  7. The 8th Generation
    Will this Sti 06 -07 Lip fit on a 2008 Honda Acccord Coupe LX-S? I just want to make sure the one in the link (above) will fit my car. I live on Guam and I'm just looking for the best deal on shipping. This one so far has the best deal.
1-7 of 7 Results