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magnaflow catback
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  1. Performance
    I finnished adding the plm J-pipe and 2.5 magnaflow exhaust. One sound clip is of only the j-pipe open exhaust and the other is full exhaust hooked up. I also have Injen 4" cold air (in bumper). I will add another clip and full detailed walk around after I clean it up again. Looking for good...
  2. General Drive
    Well, over the weekend I made a huge decision to let go of my beloved 6-6 8th gen coupe. After owning the car for 4 years this month, I've become greatly attached the car, as it served it's purpose and beyond. But, I've been in search of purchasing a used n55 335i and I found a deal up in PA...
  3. The 8th Generation
    Hey guys, I'm gonna put in the extra cash and get a cat back. Ive been looking up videos for the megan, magna flow, and greddys, but they vary in quality, so I am not sure witch one sounds better. I know the megan is the only one that has the 3" piping as opposed to the stock 2.5. Would...
  4. The 7th Generation
    I am planning on getting an aftermarket exhaust and intake for my 2003 accord coupe i was wondering what you guys think functions and sounds the best on the accord v6. And also if i got a borla or magnaflow for it if it would require welding to install? thanks in advance Steve
1-4 of 4 Results